Being a substitute teacher is good for me.

It’s sensible.
Abandoning my plans for a career in the film industry and a life full of fun, albeit slightly reckless, actions was the responsible thing to do.
That’s who I am now.
That’s who I’ve become.
Mr. Boring. Mr. Predictable. Mr. Anal Retentive.
At least that’s what I thought until one irresistible student breathes life back into the version of me I’ve been desperately trying to suffocate.
Being with Ainsley isn’t a want. It’s a need.
And I’m willing do anything to fulfill it.



I’ve spent my entire life ashamed of who I am.
Who my mother is. What she does.
Being forced to attend a private school where people endlessly whisper about it is only bearable because I know exactly what’s in my future.
I know exactly where I’m going.
I know exactly what to do to get there.
Or at least I thought I did.
One class with him and suddenly my entire world was missing one very important piece.
Being with Nate isn’t just about sex.
It’s about loving life in a way I never imagined.
The situation isn’t ideal, but I’ll do whatever it takes to be with him.

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     “Miss Jacobson. A word?
            Hearing him say my name with force and control causes my pussy to instantly clench in
anticipation.  “Of course.”
             approach his desk and make my way around so I’m directly in front of where he’s
            He turns his chair towards me before he leans around my frame to say to the last
student walking out, “Shut the door behind you, please.”
            The door closes, and I hold in the desire to whimper.
             Nate’s blue eyes zero in on me. Against his own volition they scan my outfit, soaking
in the way it clings to my chest and dangles high on my thighs. His hands
twitch in temptation to touch me. The simple action causes me to slightly
spread my legs.
 He shoves down a growl yet I hear the tail end of it. Nate braces an arm on the
desk, allowing his hand to dangle off, and proceeds in a quiet, firm tone,
“Miss Jacobson, I just want you to be aware that what happened between us last
night was…” His mouth struggles to say the word mistake.
 He shouldn’t be able to because he knows it wasn’t one. It was far from some
momentary lapse of judgement. No. What happened between us was the beginning of
something deep and beautiful.
 “It was a onetime indiscretion. I would
appreciate it if you kept it between us. My job here as a sub matters to me and
if rumors got around that something happened between me and a student-”
 “I won’t tell,” I promise and scoot closer, his hand now lightly touching the
fabric of my dress.
 Nate gradually nods. “Good. And I just want to be clear with you, it won’t happen again.”
 I drop my hand on top of his. A sharp jolt of electricity shocks us both into
lightly moaning. With a crooked smirk on my face, I state, “That’s where you’re
wrong, Nate. It can and it will.” Before he can argue, I nudge his
hand to check underneath the hem of my dress. His fingertip eagerly grazes my
wet lips.
An animalistic groan is stifled in his throat.
 “Whenever you’re ready…I’m all yours.”

“Life is one long film you get to choose to enjoy or choose to critique, until those credits roll. If you learn to appreciate more and complain less, then you’ve made a masterpiece you should be proud of at the end of it all.”


Well, The Substitute is another fabulous read from the talented Xavier Neal. This one is the beginning of a series that has gotten off to a great start! I wasn’t sure if how I was going to feel about this one because of the age difference and the affair between a teacher and a student. Please note, Ainsley is 18 years old and about to graduate high school.

Let me just say that the book opened hot, hot, hot! Ainsley and Nate did things a little backwards giving into their lust for one another rather than building up to that, but it REALLY worked in this book. Ainsley is more mature than many 20-year-olds. She had to be with the mother she had. OMG, that woman was a trainwreck. She is an escort and makes Ainsley think she does what she does so she can have a good education. Never mind that half of the fathers of her classmates are clients of her mother’s. Yeah, that’s what a good mother does. As you can imagine, she has very few friends. Everyone is always making judgments about her. She just wants people to see who she really is. Fortunately, she has that with her best friend, Sloan, and now Nate even if he doesn’t know everything about her. She’s definitely a young woman whom I admired.

Nate has secrets of his own. He made some decisions in his past that caused him to be overly responsible. He’s been living his life without being alive. She brings passion and brings some of his spontaneity back. He might show only that responsible side outside, but when he gets Ainsley alone, we get to see how naughty and sexy “Teach” really is. I just kept hoping he would let her completely into his life secrets and all.

Aside from Nate and Ainsley, I loved the other characters in the book, especially Nate’s bros. They really do have his back, and each one of them have a story which will be revealed in later books. While the sex was hot, their relationship developed in a very sweet way. There was no doubt in my mind that they loved and respected one another.

As always, Neal writes a story that really draws her readers in, and The Substitute is no exception. She has taken the taboo subject of an age difference and a student/teacher romance and written it with class and emotion. I love how she gives us just a little bit about the secondary characters who will be in later books. I loves the way she drops her readers little references to her earlier books. For instance, she makes reference to a Netflix series in which an MMA fighter who falls in love with his female BFF. Could that possibly be a reference to our Logan from her Senses Series? Great book from beginning to end!



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