Winning The Game

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Title: Winning The Game

Author: Leesa Bow

Genre: New Adult/ Sports Romance


Cover designer: Najila Qamber

Release Date: May 17th





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Troubled Aussie football star, Rhett Williams’ infamous off-field misdemeanors land him in front of his club’s board with an ultimatum: clean up his bad-boy image or lose his contract.


There’s one catch: appear on a reality show to reinvent himself.


Football is Rhett’s lifeblood, but his family and the orchard farm in the country where he grew up means more, especially as his family relies on his wage to keep the business afloat. So Rhett puts his opinion of reality shows aside to concentrate on doing whatever it takes to be re-signed.


Career-focussed TV mentor, Tori Winchester doesn’t have time for men, or a social life, which suits her fine. When Rhett Williams arrives on set with his blond beach hair and his mesmerising blue eyes, her resolve begins to crumble. He’s not the spoiled bad boy casting had told her to expect.


Getting involved with someone like Rhett could not only damage her long-term career prospects, they could both lose everything.


In a game of cat and mouse, Rhett is playing the one game he doesn’t want to win…






Winning the Game is another winner from Leesa Bow. Rhett Williams is caught in a bad place. He has to appear in a reality show about finding love, much like the Bachelor, if he wants to have his contract renewed. This is a chance for him to clean up his bad boy image.

Tori Winchester is busy trying to build her career as a TV mentor who is brought in to help Rhett on the show. She has no time for romance, but it’s funny how love strikes when you least expect it or even want it. As she spends more time with Rhett, she gets to know the man, not the football star the public knows. She’s finding it hard to resist him.

I loved the relationship between Tori and Rhett. Yes, there is an amazing attraction, yet I loved their friendship and their conversations with one another. As they were learning more about each other and falling in love, so was I. Bow always has a knack for making me do that. Both of them thought they realized what was important to them, but they soon find it isn’t the job that defines them…it’s something much more.

It was interesting to see a look behind reality shows, especially the ones about love. We, as an audience, see one thing, not realizing what goes on behind the scenes. WOW…what an eye opener if this is indeed what goes on. I know when I watched reality shows about finding love, I always wanted the couple to find their HEA. Winning the Game showed me that love in front of the camera is much different than real life.

I really liked the way the epilogue was done. It was divided up into three different time periods, so readers get to see how Rhett and Tori are doing throughout a period..not just jumping to a longer period of time in their future. LOVED it! I know whenever Leesa Bow writes a book, I’m going to love it. She always writes from the heart, and I always see that. That’s why I always fall in love with her stories and her characters. Now, I’ll just patiently have to wait for her next one!!!!




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About the Author:

Leesa Bow loves to read and write spicy romance. She spends her spare time with her family, catching up with girlfriends in cafes, or taking long walks along the beautiful, southern beaches of Adelaide, Australia. Leesa’s love of sport has inspired her to write stories about hot Aussie heroes and the strong women they fall in love with.


Leesa is the Author of ‘Winning the Player’, ‘Charming the Outback’, ‘Jardine’, and ‘Caught Out’. You can find her here:





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