Sin and Cider by K. Reese
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Lee Ching of Under Cover Designs
Release Date: May  30, 2017
Feeling discontent in the big city and hoping to find what’s missing in
her life, MacIntosh Layne decides to go back to her roots. Ready for a refresh,
she heads home to her family’s orchard in Tennessee for the summer. What
she doesn’t count on rediscovering is her attraction to her brother’s charming
best friend, Lawson Westbrook. The main star in her dreams growing up, he’s the
perfect blend of Southern gentleman and sex in a flannel—rugged, successful,
and more handsome than ever. 
Lawson can’t believe Mac Layne is all grown up. No longer the gangly
teen who went away to college, she’s all woman now and he’s eager to get
reacquainted on a carnal level. As they continue to cross paths and their
mutual attraction intensifies, he makes an enticing proposal.  
A Choice Must be Made  
Will Mac give in to the sinful
temptation of the temporary arrangement Law is offering? Or will they find
something sweeter than the cider they’ve been brewing together?    

Copyright © 2017 by K. Reese

Sin and Cider

the lust from my mind, I decide to turn my focus to the inside of the barn now
that I’ve finished the thankless task of clearing out weeds. I had pulled out
some of the rubbish inside already but still have a lot of work to do. I pull
one of the doors to the side, the gentle creaking sound washing over me in a
wave of nostalgia. I make my way inside and step over dried leaves and debris,
each step kicking up a layer of dust. I look ahead and broken slats of wood are
on the ground; those must be part of the original roof that was destroyed. I
survey the space and take in the old tanks where we used to make cider and the
empty jugs, some whole and some broken, lining the walls on shelves covered in
cobwebs. When I was a kid this barn was spotless and welcoming, the perfect
place to make cider and welcome visitors. Now it looks like an old photograph
and not the treasured memory it really is. I take a deep breath and the smells
of dust and mold fill my nose instead of crisp apples and warm spices. It’s in
this moment I make a promise to myself: I’m going to restore this barn to its
former glory.
pick my way across the worn and dirty hardwood and undo the latch on one of the
windows. As soon as it swings open the sweet smell of flowers permeates the air
and rays of sunshine filter in, the shafts of light instantly brightening up
the room. I open the window on the other side and feel excited about the task
at hand. This barn is a dirty penny and just needs to shine again.

Wow!!! Sin and Cider is 5 stars for me! The title is perfect for the book…it’s a perfect combination of sexy and sweet!!!!

Mac has returned home to Tennessee from Chicago. She needs the time to re-group. She was a talented graphic artist biding her time to be recognized. Too bad, her witch of a boss took almost all of the credit for Mac’s success. So, she decides she has had enough and quits. Once she returns home, her feelings for her brother’s best friend, Lawson, return as well. He crushed her heart years ago, although he didn’t know it. But, she is older now, and she is determined to not let Lawson affect her. We’ll see how long that lasts!

Lawson offers Mac a deal…if she will help him repair her parent’s barn, her family will be able to make their well-known cider. She cannot pass that up. It is one of her most precious memories. Lawson and Mac work really well together. All that changes when he sees her dress up and out of her overalls. He REALLY sees her for the first time, and he LIKES what he sees. She is not the lanky teenage girl he remembers. He wants her, but not long term. He doesn’t do long term. So, he offers her another deal…a summer fling…no strings attached. Will she give into her attraction? Will he realize before it’s too late that he might want Mac for more than the summer? Read on to find out.

Although Lawson is a mix of sexy and southern gentleman, there were times I wanted to throttle him over the head with my Kindle. His body was attuned to Mac’s, but I wanted his heart to be attuned to hers as well. Couldn’t he see what was right before his eyes? As time moved on, my heart began to let him in. There was nothing I didn’t like about Mac. She was someone I would want as my friend, and I loved watching her grow into the person she was meant to be. I loved the relationship each one of them had with their families. It’s nice to read a romance in which the lead characters and their families really love one another. Lawson’s sister, Langley, the matchmaker, was one of my favorites. I hope in the future she gets her own story.

It’s very hard for me to realize this is Reese’s debut novel. It’s one of the BEST DEBUT novels I have ever read! Not only was this book a romance, but it was also a journey of self-discovery. I loved her descriptive writing. I felt like I was there, so much so, that it reminded me of the summers I spent in Tennessee when I was younger. I cannot wait to see what Reese has in store for her readers in the future. She is definitely a writer to watch!!!!!


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K. Reese is a contemporary romance author whose debut novel, Sin and
Cider, will be published in 2017. In her spare time she likes to read, sleep,
eat ice cream, and play with her dogs. She’s also an ardent admirer of Tom
Hardy and Mr. Darcy.