He rejected her. She loathes him. Now they have to fool everyone and pretend they actually like each other.

Tanner Harris has been busy shagging his way through the ladies of east London, but getting caught by the paparazzi buck-naked with his trouser snake in his hands means he’s sowed his last wild oat.

Dr. Belle Ryan once thought Tanner Harris was the perfect kind of bearded bad boy she needed to relieve a bit of stress after her intense job as a surgical fellow, but an icy cold rejection from London’s sluttiest footballer puts the two at each other’s throats.

Fate and a favour conspire to put Tanner and Belle back in each other’s paths and they’re forced to do a lot more than get along to save face and their careers.

Rage turns to passion and tempers run sizzling hot when they realise they aren’t just falling for each other—they’re jumping head first. And neither have the endurance to keep their hands to themselves.






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5 Stars for Endurance by Amy Daws doesn’t even come close to illustrating how much I LOVED this audio version of the book! The story, the characters, the emotions, the chemistry, and most importantly, the narrators combined to make this audio book ONE OF THE BEST I HAVE EVER LISTENED TO!!!!

As I read the synopsis, I knew I would enjoy the book, but it was so much more than I thought. The synopsis doesn’t even scratch the surface of the story that is Belle and Tanner. Believe me, my first perception of Tanner was just what Belle’s was. He was infuriating…a drop-dead gorgeous man who oozed sex with a huge ego. But, he fooled me just like he did Belle. There is so much more going on other than a handsome face and body. He was real, honest, caring, and loved his family with a fierce passion.

Belle isn’t who she appears to be either. She has a smart mouth that makes Tanner insane…in both good and bad ways. She appears to be self-confident, why wouldn’t she be….she operates on babies inside of their mother’s wombs, giving them a chance they might not otherwise have at survival. Yet, she has the same doubts about herself like most women do…are my hips to big, am I desirable to the opposite sex? Luckily, Tanner is around to boost her ego, if only she would believe him.

These two are two complete opposites in some ways, especially their family backgrounds. Tanner has a big family who love and support one another. They are connected on so many levels! She has a cold, unfeeling family who look down on her, even though she is a brilliant surgeon. But, they do both have fiery personalities that makes them passionate both in and out of the bedroom. They aren’t sure if they want to kill each other or find a dark corner to kiss or do other naughty things to one another! When the two are forced to date one another to save their public images and Belle’s father’s image, that’s when the real fireworks begin! These two create a lot of drama, but it works…this is Belle and Tanner we are talking about. As I listened more, there is a tenderness that develops between the two:


“Belle Ryan is both light and dark and all I want is to spend hours getting lost in her shadows.”~Tanner

“His words are so simple, so basic and ordinary. But suddenly, everything about him is even more extraordinary.”~Belle


I’m extremely picky when it comes to audiobooks. It’s not only the story that matters, it’s the narrators as well. They can make or break a book, in essence, they sell it. If I cannot connect with them, I can’t connect with the book or the characters, and I won’t listen to it. For these reasons, I would think audiobooks would be a risky venture for writers. But, Amy Daws has nothing to worry about. Charlotte Cole and Will Watt totally immersed me in this book! They made the characters and the book come ALIVE! I felt like I was a confidante of both of Tanner and Belle, and I got to witness their romance firsthand. I absolutely ADORED this book. If you haven’t met the Harris clan, I suggest you do ASAP. If you want to really get to know them and live their story with them, GET THE AUDIO EDITION! You won’t regret it!!!!





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Amy Daws is a lover of all things British and her London-based love stories bring the incredible city to life on every page. Read all about hot British men, hilarious American heroines, and unforgettable and original ensemble casts that pull out all the feels.




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