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I Knew You Were Trouble (Oxford Series #4) by Lauren Layne Review Tour + Giveaway

A feisty beauty must choose between

winning back Mr. Right 

or giving in to Mr. Wrong.


Oxford Series #4

Lauren Layne

Releasing June 13, 2017





New York City’s hottest bachelors are stirring up trouble in this fun, flirty Oxford Novel, as a love triangle forces a feisty beauty to choose between winning back Mr. Right or giving in to Mr. Wrong.

Taylor Carr has it all—a sleek job in advertising, a stunning Manhattan apartment, and the perfect man to share it with: Bradley Calloway. Even after Bradley dumps her for a co-worker on move-in day, Taylor isn’t worried. She’ll get her man eventually. In the meantime, she needs a new roommate. Enter Nick Ballantine, career bartender, freelance writer—and longtime pain in Taylor’s ass. Sexy in a permanent five-o’clock-shadow kind of way, Nick knows how to push Taylor’s buttons, as if he could see right through to the real her.

Nick’s always trying to fix people, and nobody could use a good fixing more than Taylor. Sure, she’s gorgeous, with mesmerizing silver eyes, but it’s her vulnerability that kills him. Now that they’re shacking up together, the chemistry is out of control. Soon they’re putting every part of their two-bedroom apartment to good use. Then Taylor’s ex comes crawling back to her, and Nick figures she’ll jump at the chance to go back to her old life—unless he fights for the best thing that ever happened to him.








I Knew You Were Trouble was just reason 100 why I LOVE Lauren Layne! I adored this book and the characters. It’s an enemy to roommates to friends to lover’s tale, and it was addictive from the beginning to the end. Taylor has just started a job at Oxford. For those of us who have read the previous novels in the series, we all know how sexy the men are. One of the first ones she encounters is Nick. He gets under her skin from the very first time she sees him. He looks at her as though he gets her, and that definitely unnerves her. Taylor doesn’t let anyone in. Of course, they get off to a rocky start…attraction, hate, bad timing, until they end up as roommates. As they spend more time together, the attraction ramps up and who could believe it, but they actually begin to like one another. As you can imagine, this is quite the love story!

One thing I really liked about this book was that it took place over a long period of time. In Layne’s very capable hands, it never drags, and it allows the reader to really get to know Nick and Taylor. They are extraordinarily complex characters. Layne describes them perfectly:


“He was too much like her—likely dying to know her thoughts, but too proud to lay himself bare in front of his nemesis.”


Because of their love/hate relationship, there were so many times I laughed out loud.


“Never pegged you as a reader.” ~ Nick

“What did you think I did in my spare time, killed cats?” ~ Taylor

“Nah. Men.” ~ Nick


With that banter, the sexual tension between these two just jump off the pages. I, like their co-workers, just want them to do the deed and get it over with. But, the wait is well worth it. With all that chemistry, there is a sweetness that also develops between them. Nick has seen parts of her no one has. Deep down, Taylor doesn’t believe she is worthy of love because of her childhood. Nick is somehow able to penetrate that strong armor and show her she is worthy. Little did he know when he told her someone would love her, it would be him. SWOON!!!!

Speaking of Nick, it’s hard not to love him. Taylor always does things with a plan and safety, alas her relationship with jerk, Bradley. Nick shows her how to just enjoy life. He only works part-time at Oxford. He is also a legendary bartender and writes fiction. Yet, he’s able to enjoy life. He wants to fix the broken part of Taylor and wants her to be able to enjoy living. Of course, he’s by no means perfect, but he is perfect for her! GAH…I just love these two!

As with Layne’s books, readers get to see the other characters from the series. Through them, you see Taylor finally able to form meaningful relationships with other people, Brit and Daisy. In the beginning, she was so closed off. By the epilogue, she a completely different woman! Layne also gives us a hint of her future book in the series which I hope is about Brit and Hunter. That one is going to be epic!!!!




Lauren Layne is the New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen romantic comedies.

A former e-commerce and web marketing manager from Seattle, Lauren relocated to New York City in 2011 to pursue a full-time writing career.

She lives in midtown Manhattan with her high-school sweetheart, where she writes smart romantic comedies with just enough sexy-times to make your mother blush. In LL’s ideal world, every stiletto-wearing, Kate Spade wielding woman would carry a Kindle stocked with Lauren Layne books. 








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Fire in the Stars (Steel Souls #2) by Nikki Groom Release Blitz

Title: Fire in the Stars (Steel Souls, #2)

Author: Nikki Groom

Release Date: June 19, 2017

Genre: MC Romance

When Sadie Foster’s world collided with Ramsey Dalton, she never expected to find herself in the middle of a vicious war between two motorcycle clubs. Caught in a web of secrets and lies, Sadie begins to question everything about herself, and her life.

Ramsey is struggling to keep it together. With the conflict between the Steel Souls and The White Wolves coming to a head, Sadie’s life isn’t the only one at risk. Pulled in all directions, Ramsey is torn between his feelings for Sadie, and his ability to keep everyone he cares about safe from harm.

Uncovering a new reality at every turn, Ramsey and Sadie are pushed to their very limits and forced to evaluate everything they know to be true. But things are not always as they seem. And knowing who to trust can mean the difference between life and death.

There’s no denying the chemistry between them, and it seems their paths were always destined to cross. But is their connection strong enough to withstand the storm?

Because the reality is, there’s no war without passion, and no love without loss…


iBooks | Amazon US | Amazon UK |Amazon AUS | Amazon CA


Nikki Groom is a hopeless romantic, lover of all things happily ever after and firm believer that love makes the world go around.

In her spare time, you will find Nikki laughing with her very treasured family, walking with her beloved dog in the hundred acre wood or curled up in a cosy corner with words and wine.

She lives in East Sussex with her husband and two children. Having turned her hand to many things over the years, Nikki is now proud to add ‘author’ to that list.

Having always been a dreamer, Nikki’s imagination stretches far and wide, which enables her to get lost in faraway places and imaginary people.

Nikki loves to chat, especially about books! You can find her here …

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Mr. Rook (Mr. Rook’s Island Book #1) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Release Blast + Excerpt + Giveaway


Enigmatic, Dangerously Handsome, 




Mr. Rook’s Island #1

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Releasing June 13th, 2017




From NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff,

Comes Part One of Mr. Rook’s

Island, a Sexy, Dark, Romantic Suspense.



Enigmatic, Dangerously Handsome, and COMPLETELY OFF-LIMITS…



women who vacation on Mr. Rook’s exclusive island are looking for one thing and

one thing only: to have their wildest romantic fantasies come to life. Pirates,

cowboys, billionaires—there’s nothing Rook’s staff can’t deliver.



when Stephanie Fitzgerald’s sister doesn’t return after her week in paradise,

Stephanie will have to pose as a guest in order to dig for answers.

Unfortunately, this means she’ll need to get close to the one thing on the

island that’s not on the menu: the devastatingly handsome and intimidating Mr.

Rook. And he’s not about to give the island’s secrets away.







My name is Stephanie Fitzgerald. I am twenty-six years old, London born, New York raised, and I know exactly three things about my current situation.

One: I am an imposter riding on this private jet carrying myself and eleven other women to an island “paradise.”

Two: I have no clue what I will find when I disembark, because this exclusive resort doesn’t exactly advertise.

Three: I will be fired if I don’t return home with concrete information regarding Mr. Rook, the mysterious owner of the island. And when I say I’ll be fired, I really mean that my body will be thrown down a deep dark well by a bad, bad man.

Those three things, however, don’t really matter. Only finding my sister does. Because the last place Cici was seen alive is here, “Fantasy Island.” Yep, that’s what some people actually call it. Some even say the show in the ’80s was based on this place.

Sure. If your fantasy is to disappear, leaving your family an emotional train wreck, then okay, I concede the point.

Regardless, this is where Cici went after winning a mystery dream vacation in the back of some travel magazine, and it’s touted as the real deal. You pay fifty K. They make your wildest fantasies come true. One week in Heaven.

Heaven, my ass.

As the tires hit the wet landing strip and the plane slows to a crawl, I glance out the tiny oval window to my left, and my breath hitches. Standing among the lush vegetation lining the runway is a tall man with square shoulders. He’s looking right at me, and those eyes—so predatory, so cold—are the only thing I can really see of him.

I blink, and he vanishes like a wisp of steam.

Fuck. What was that? A hard shiver slams through me as I realize I have no clue what I’ve just gotten myself into. Because I am one of the next happy guests at Mr. Rook’s private island, where “Every woman’s fantasy is our business.” And not everyone comes home from vacation.


MIMI JEAN PAMFILOFF is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling romance author. Although she obtained her MBA and worked for more than fifteen years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the romance closet and follow your dream. Mimi lives with her Latin Lover hubby, two pirates-in-training (their boys), and the rat terrier duo, Snowflake and Mini Me, in Arizona. She hopes to make you laugh when you need it most and continues to pray daily that leather pants will make a big comeback for men.











Souls Discovered Miranda Brock Promo Launch



*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*PROMO PRICE*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*

Title: Souls Discovered

Author: Miranda Brock

Genre: Teen & Young Adult

Price: Now only $.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

What Reviewers are saying –

“A tangled web in the battle of good versus evil, fated responsibility and feelings from the heart as one girl must rise to the occasion and go beyond the call of duty.”

“Exciting and magnetic, drawing the reader into the action and emotions of the characters.”

“The interesting characters and fast-paced action had me captivated to the end.”

“You will love the characters, you will love the story, you will scream and cry and try to slam on the brakes as you ride the rollercoaster of this plot.”






Spin away with young Autumn as she finds a seemingly innocuous gold necklace on her family’s farm and inadvertently uncovers her destiny as “The Keeper.” Autumn’s discovery of the necklace activates “The Window” and alerts both good and evil forces to her whereabouts. Autumn is pulled from everything she knows and tossed into a life of unknowns. Enigmatic enemies called Dehmons hunt her at every turn and if captured the very world she lives in will fall into destruction. With the help of seven Searchers Autumn must learn to use the power she has been given before it is too late.

Will she choose to follow the dangerous destiny thrust upon her?

Will she be able to withstand the temptation of a relationship that could jeapordize everything?

Most importantly, will Autumn be able to find the strength within herself to fight the dead-eyed evil Dehmon souls?







Author Bio:

From an early age Miranda Brock has always loved fantasy and adventure everything. Since she doesn’t live in a world of enchanting powers, mythical beasts, and things unbelievable she has decided to write about them. (Although, if you happen to see a dragon flying around, do tell her.)

Born in southern Illinois, where she still resides with her husband and two children, she grew up running through the woods, playing in creeks, and riding horses. What started out as writing poetry grew into short stories and eventually led to her first novel, Souls Discovered.

Miranda lives in the country where she finds inspiration in the simplicity and beauty around her. With the help of a ridiculous amount of coffee and some good music she writes whenever she gets a chance.








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