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By Luke Prescott

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Asher Kilby is a mechanic who’s dream is to have his own garage. He’s fiercely protective, sexy, and getting dirty doesn’t just happen in the garage.

Payton Hudson comes to work at her dad’s garage after moving across the country. She’s beautiful, captivating, and holding a world of secrets.

When these two meet there’s an instant attraction that can’t be denied. Even though Asher tries to stay away, because the boss’s daughter is off limits, it doesn’t happen. He knows what he wants, and it’s Payton.

Feelings start to get involved. Sex becomes all consuming. Emotions are extreme.

When everything they thought they knew falls apart. One may be relieved. The other completely wrecked.

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Asher is a hard-working mechanic who has dreams of one day opening his own shop. When he’s not working under the hood of a car, he loves to relax with a good drink and any available woman. One night at the shop, he decides to take a woman up on her offer to show her appreciation for a job well done on her car. While he’s being serviced, he notices a beautiful stranger watching but then she vanishes before he can find out who she is.

The next day, Asher finds out the beautiful stranger is his boss’ daughter and the shop’s newest employee, Payton. Even though his boss has warned him that Payton is off limits, he can’t deny the attraction he has to her. Payton tells Asher that she has no interest in acting on any physical chemistry they may have but soon it will be impossible to ignore. But is that chemistry worth risking Asher’s future plans?

This book is so hot and steamy!! The passion between Asher and Payton is off the charts! I really liked these characters and the change that Asher goes through. There is also a bit of mystery thrown in with the prologue that leaves you guessing. This book was definitely a quick and easy read that kept my interest throughout. Luke Prescott is a new to me author and I really enjoyed his writing. I will certainly check out other books by him.





Luke Prescott grew up in New York, where he still lives today. He likes to fish, work on his Jeep and cheer on the best damn team in the NFL, the Giants. He spends his days getting his hands dirty and his nights using his dirty mind.

Writing is a new-found interest for him. Realizing how sexy the written word can be, his imagination took over. He’s got plenty to tell and looks forward to sharing it.                



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