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Perfect Lives by Lauren Loos New Release + Two Reviews




When all we ever see are the highlights, it’s easy to think our friends are leading Perfect Lives. But what happens when those perfect veneers begin to crumble?

Kate is beautiful and free.
Rachel has the perfect family.
Alex travels the world with her gorgeous husband.
Michelle has an amazing career.

But no matter how perfect their lives seem from the outside, they all have secrets – disturbing, mundane, and heartbreaking secrets. There’s so much more to these women than cookie-cutter perfection. And they all feel as though they’re missing… something.

As jealousy threatens to tear friendships apart, can these women see past their friends’ Perfect Lives to be there when they’re needed the most?

Perfect Lives is a funny, relatable and at times devastatingly real novel about friendship, jealousy and the fact that people’s lives are rarely what they seem.













This book is about 4 high school friends that have drifted apart, like other high school friends sometimes do, especially when living in different cities. However when they come together to celebrate the engagement of another high school friend, they reconnect and try to be more involved in each other’s lives. Each friend to the others seems to have the perfect life, for one reason or another, maybe one seems to have the life of luxury, another seems to have the perfect marriage and family. But upon closer examination, things are not as perfect as they appear. Like the saying goes, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

I loved the growth of the characters and how they let each other back in as good, supportive friends. I enjoyed seeing the highs and lows these friends experience and how they all come together for one another. It made me more sentimental about my own high school friends and wondering how things have turned out for them. There was a lot that I loved about this book and it kept my interest all the way throughout the story. My one disappointment is the ending. I feel like I am left hanging about some of the situations that are going on and the knowledge that there may or may not be a sequel.




Perfect Lives is a good, solid read about the ups and downs of friendship. Kate, Rachel, Alex, and Michelle were close friends at one time. However, over time, they lost touch with one another, except Kate. She does send messages once and a while to see how everyone is, and she is closest to Michelle. They will all be reunited for their friend, Fiona’s wedding. The façade of their perfect lives will be exposed.

Kate is gorgeous and seems to love the single life. Rachel has the perfect life with her child and her husband. Alex is married to a gorgeous man and travels the world with him. Michelle is also single, independent, and very successful. However, each of their lives are far from perfect, and all those imperfections will come to light. I love books about friendships, and this one made me think back on my friendships when I was younger with fond memories. The characters do a great deal of maturing throughout the book, and they see each other in a different light, as flawed and real adults. I loved how they were there for one another through their difficulties. It was what true friendship really is!

The book was well-written, and the characters were well-developed. She did a great job of making each woman unique. My sole disappointment is the very last chapter. There are some unanswered questions I thought needed to be answered. Maybe there will be a sequel…or maybe that was the way it was meant to end…not with the perfect ending…which is really what the book is about…no of us have perfect lives.






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