Title: Wallflowers: Double Trouble
Series: Wallflowers #2
Author: CP Smith
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Comedy
Release Date: July 21, 2017


“ ’Tis better to never have loved and lost than to live with
the regret of your stupidity.” ~ Sienna Miller, Wallflower

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, or in this case, Wallflowers to
behave. Then again . . .

Sienna Miller spent her whole life being the odd woman out. Shunned and
misunderstood by her family, she finally has a chance for a new start thanks to
Calla and Poppy, her Wallflower sisters. Now all she needs is a Prince Charming.

Bo Strawn is a cop with a troubled past. He’s stubborn and set in his ways
until a certain Wallflower shakes up his life for good. Bo’s finally got a shot
at happily ever after. That is, he’s got a shot if he can solve a mystery
surrounding the Wallflowers and keep his headstrong woman off the back of a

Rated mature for language and sexual content. 

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LOVE this series, and Wallflowers: Double Trouble is just as fantastic as the first book. At the end of book 1, the chemistry was beginning between Sienna and Bo. They only got even more intense! It’s now Sienna’s time to find her white knight. It’s time for her to let down her walls, step out of her past, and into the future.


“You can’t start chapter one of your life is you keep re-reading the prologue.”


As she is trying to move forward, her past literally comes crashing into her in the form of the man she thought she loved but rejected her. With his short presence, she realizes she never loved him…just the idea of him. Even though she has come to this freeing realization, her feelings for sexy cop, Bo, are even more confusing. Both of them have skeletons from their past that determine how they look at future relationships. However, you can’t fight chemistry or the heart…the heart always wants what it wants. And, what a love story this one is!!!!

Without containing any spoilers, Sienna has always tried to fit in, watching from the sidelines. She blames herself for the implosion of her family even though it was never her fault. She’s been rejected throughout her life. I could completely understand why she is reluctant to trust others. Bo is just the right man to break down those walls and be her knight in shining armor. Bo is something else. He is an alpha, and Sienna can certainly hold her own with him which drives him crazy and crazy with lust. These two are perfectly matched!

As with book 1, it’s a perfect combination of sexy and sweet. I LOVE these characters. Each is quirky in their own way, but my girls, my wallflowers, are the best! They tend to find trouble around every corner, but you can’t help but love them, especially when they are butting their noses in their men’s business.

I love Savannah, so I love this series. Smith really does capture the essence that is Savannah. I love how the mystery is still interwoven in the plot. Instead of becoming tiresome, it makes the book more intriguing. One of my favorite aspects of the book continues to be the references to books. I love that these girls love to read! This book is well-written, the characters are well-developed, and it’s extremely witty. I can’t wait to catch up with my Wallflowers again, especially after THAT ENDING! Totally blew me AWAY!!!!


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Author Bio
CP Smith lives in Oklahoma with her husband and five
children. She loves football, reading, and card games. Writing for her is about
escape. She writes what she loves to read, and leaves the rest to those with
better imaginations.


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