Title: Love at First Crepe

Genre: Humorous Romantic Mystery

Release Date: July 22, 2017

Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing

Cover Designer: Claire Smith

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Born into the wealthy Simpson family, free-spirited Willow is determined to make her own way in life. Cooking is her one true love, and she is content to keep it that way. Romance has never been on her agenda, but she suddenly finds herself in the middle of a deliciously decadent love triangle. With two gorgeous men vying for her attention, she vows to keep her distance from both, but the tantalizing chemistry is hard to ignore.


Unfortunately, it seems that someone wants to get rid of Willow, making her already tricky situation that much more difficult. One crazy night changes everything, and Willow’s life is turned upside down. Between thwarting her own murder plot, keeping her divinely tasty admirers at bay, and trying to stay on the good side of her finicky cat, Omelet, Willow’s plate is full. With far too many cooks in the kitchen, will she be able to stay alive long enough to figure out who wants to kill her?



~4 1/2 Stars~

Love at First Crepe by Heidi Reese Mason is a highly enjoyable romantic mystery. Willow was born into a family of great wealth, and it’s expected that she will go into the family’s successful and lucrative coffee business. However, she is also a free spirit who wants to start her own business, much to her father’s great disappointment. When she begins her new venture, she has no clue how much her life will change. She will become caught in a love triangle between two very sexy, good-hearted men, and oh yeah, she’ll also become a target for murder. Lots of good stuff happening in the pages of this book.
Willow is one of those characters I love. She thinks outside of the box, and I love her free spirit. Really….this woman has a cat named Omelet that she walks on a leash and who goes everywhere she does. How could I not love her? I admire her ability to stick to her guns and find her own dreams despite her father’s very evident disappointment in her. I do feel sorry for her that she doesn’t believe in relationships because of her father’s string of wives. She has seen how money and not love have affected her family.
There was nothing I didn’t like about her best friend, Tate, or hot cop, Marcus. It was really hard to choose between these guys because they were such good men. Willow will have to choose which one to give her heart to, and it’s not a very easy decision, but she does make it and makes the plunge to find her own HEA.
Mason does a great job of building her secondary characters, and they play an integral part in making the book so good. Yes, she even gives the hitman a personality that is at times very funny. Some of the characters are not what they first appear to be, and Willow’s discovery of that really helps her mature as a person and brings some healing to her relationships.
Heidi Reese Mason is a brand-new author for me, and she has been added to my list of authors to watch. It was the perfect combination of romance, mystery, and humor, and “the icing on the cake…” the recipes at the end! YUM!



Heidi Renee Mason is a passionate romance novelist and crafter of your next Happily Ever After. She loves listening to the voices in her head (from her characters, of course!) and creating worlds in which her readers can lose themselves for a little while. A native of the Midwest, Heidi now resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three daughters.


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