In Walked Trouble

by Christina Elle

Under Covers #2

Publication Date: July 31, 2017

Genres: Adult, Entangled: Select, Suspense, Contemporary, Romance



With a deadly target on his back, DEA agent Luke Calder’s plan is to drink away his impending demise. Except instead of getting blessedly drunk, in walks a woman with a much deeper story than she’s leading on. And he definitely wants to know more. Especially when he learns she might have intel he needs. He’s not cool with lying to her, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And what starts out as simple surveillance turns into so much more.

Cassandra Stone is having a bad night. Her boyfriend’s been cheating because she’s not “adventurous enough” in bed. So, she does the next logical thing—she goes in search of a dark, dangerous one-night stand. Instead, she finds smoldering eyes, deep dimples, and the killer smile of a guy who won’t leave her alone. Damn him. He says and does all the right things, making Cass believe that good men still exist. Until she learns why he took an interest in her in the first place.




He curled a thick strand of hair behind her ear, letting his fingers linger on her neck. The touch tied his stomach into knots, and judging by the way her eyes darkened it sent a jolt through her, too. “You feel it, don’t you, Cass? The attraction?”

She shivered slightly and her words came out raspy. “She caught us kissing. Now they’re going to think you laid me out and had your way with me right here on this sofa.”

She let him guide her down to sit on the couch. He encouraged her legs open and knelt between them. Her eyes sparked as she dropped her chin to look at him.

“Again,” he said softly, “what’s so wrong with that if it’s what we really want to do?”

She placed her hands on his bare shoulders, her fingers moving in an idle dance that sent a flash of energy right to the part of him that wanted her most. “We do?”

His hand dipped beneath the hem of her sweater. He pressed his palm against her spine and urged her forward. Her open legs went wider. Her heat pressed against his bare chest, nearly burning him. “That’s exactly what I want to do to you right now.”

Her features blew right past interest and jumped into full-on anticipation. “It is?”

Nodding, he whispered, “For the entire hour.”
She released a soft moan. “You can go that long?”
“I can go as long as you need.”


Christina believes that laughter really is the best medicine, which is why in her stories she blends a healthy dose of hilarious hijinks with gritty suspense.

When she’s not writing fun contemporary romance or quirky romantic suspense, Christina can be found devouring books in every genre, watching Chris Hemsworth on TV, playing board games with her family, working out, checking out Chris Hemsworth on Facebook, napping, stalking Chris Hemsworth on Instagram, and shopping…for Chris Hemsworth’s latest DVD.

Christina lives near Baltimore with her husband and two sons, who give her an endless supply of humorous material to write about.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Maryland Romance Writers.

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