Wishing For a Happily Ever After by Lisa Helen Gray Release Blitz





Title: Wishing For A Happily Ever After 

Author: Lisa Helen Gray 

Cover Design: Cassy Roop @ Pink Ink Designs 

Editor: Hot Tree Editing


As an event organiser, it’s my job to be prepared for

anything―and, I do mean anything. I’ve had to deal with ripped wedding dresses,

drunken bridesmaids, missing groomsmen, and other unseemly things.


But nothing could have prepared me for the Donovan’s and

their crazy grandma.

Or the ex-boyfriend who I hadn’t heard from since he sent me

a message explaining he cheated, got her pregnant, and left town to be with



But mostly, nothing could have prepared me for the charming,

and irresistible Drake Donovan.


I couldn’t possibly fall in love in three weeks. Not with my

client’s son. Or with such distance separating us.


Nope! No way!

Book will be available on KINDLE

Nook and Kobo will be coming soon.


Image may contain: 4 people

Lisa Helen Gray is Amazon’s best selling author of the Forgotten Series and Carter Brother series. 

She loves hanging out, but most of all, curling up with a good book or watching movies. When she’s not being a mom, she’s been a writer and a blogger. 

She loves writing romance novels, ones with a HEA and has a thing for alpha males. 

I mean, who doesn’t!

Just an ordinary girl surround by extraordinary books








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