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I’ll Make You Mine by Gia Riley Release Day Blitz + Giveaway + 2 Reviews

Cover Design: MG Cover

Release Date: September 13, 2017


A girl who’s ready to love.

A guy who only wants one girl.

Sounds like a match made in heaven, right?


With a twin sister encouraging her to hook up with all the wrong people, Zoe’s being pulled in a million different directions.

Dylan Tuner can’t stand by and watch it happen. He’s tired of loving Zoe Allen from a distance, and he’s more determined than ever to escape the friend zone.

Can Dylan get his best friend to fall for him before they graduate college? Or does Zoe already have a plan of her own?

Two best friends.

Two polar opposites.

One final chance.







Such a sweet and beautiful friends to lovers story!!

Zoe and Dylan have been best friends for years. They both feel something more than “just friends” for each other but are so afraid of taking that next step and jeopardizing what they have. When Zoe’s living situation is up in the air and the two decide to become roommates, how long will they be able to deny what their hearts want? 

I loved Zoe and Dylan’s relationship. They are both so supportive to each other and accepting of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Zoe and her twin sister, Keely, are such complete opposites and their relationship added some extra fun and crazy to the story. 

I have been a Gia Riley fan since the very first book and love the deeper messages that her books carry. Just like Zoe and Dylan discovered, sometimes life is about taking risks and living in the moment.  This story warmed my heart and I was disappointed to see it end. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a great friends to lovers story!! 





Not only am I in love with this book and the characters, but I am also in love with Gia Riley!!! Why, oh why did I wait so long to read something from this immensely talented writer?! I’ll Make You Mine is another top 10 read of 2017 for me!!!!

Zoe and Dylan have been best friends since high school even though Dylan’s heart has always belonged to her from the very beginning. That was evident in the flashback Riley gave us when they first spoke to each other in the gym. Oh, my heart was lost to Dylan then. He has kept himself in the friend zone for years, always being the rock Zoe has needed. He doesn’t want to lose her, but he cannot fight his love for her anymore. So, he has decided to make her his FINALLY! He truly is a Prince Charming!

Zoe adores Dylan. He is the best friend any girl could ever ask for, but lately, she is noticing things about him she hasn’t before…how sexy and hot he is. He is giving her funny feelings in her stomach. Even though she doesn’t date and has zero experience with boys, she knows these feelings have the ability to completely change their entire relationship. She wants Dylan, but she is so afraid of losing him if a relationship doesn’t work out. It would literally devastate her. So, of course, she will run from those feelings. Thankfully, Dylan doesn’t give up easily.

The sexual tension between these two were off the charts, but my favorite thing about these two was the deep abiding friendship, loyalty, and respect they had for one another. What better foundation is there for a lasting love!

The change in their relationship isn’t all roses either. There are a few surprises. Riley made it very realistic. It isn’t one of those books that two friends just fall in love and everything is perfect. She really delves into their feelings of uncertainty. What happens if things don’t work out? Will their friendship survive? How do you go on with life if the one person who knows you better than anyone is no longer there? These are all very good questions that Dylan and Zoe face, but they also have to ask themselves what happens if it is meant to be and they wasted their chance at true happiness?

I can’t finish my review without touching on Zoe’s relationship with her twin, Keely. It’s complicated. They fight, they argue, but yet they love one another. That bond they share showed me another side to Zoe. Despite how much her sister drives her crazy, she still loves her and admires her. In fact, she loves Keely more than Keely loves herself. She only wants what is best for her, and she know Keely deserves more than the losers she picks. The relationship between these two was very special.

There are some surprises I definitely didn’t see coming, and it just added depth and emotion to the storyline. If you love a romance that will make you swoon with unforgettable characters…I guarantee you will love Zoe’s quirkiness….and just a great story, you need to read this one NOW!!! Gia Riley definitely has a new fangirl in me!!!



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About the Author

Author Gia Riley has been in love with writing romance since high school when she took her very first creative writing class. From the small but mighty state of Delaware, she’s a country girl at heart, traveling back to her roots in Pennsylvania as often as she can.

She’d rather pick truth than dare, bake than cook, and will always choose coffee over tea.

Just like life, her stories always have a mixture of heart and humor.


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