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Must Love Jogs (Must Love Series Book 2) by Xavier Neal Review! 5 Star Romantic Comedy!!!!!







And apparently the most boring person on the planet.

Mable “Abby” Atkins does very little outside of rehearsing, but when a handsome, brown eyed stranger insists they get to know each other better she has a hard time resisting. However, she shouldn’t be riding mechanical bulls or tagging along on his runs, and he shouldn’t be captivated by her cello playing or appreciation for cappuccinos. Most importantly, they shouldn’t be falling in love without even realizing it.

Is there space for fun to permanently reside or will she end up exactly where she started?



And the most boring woman on the planet.





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Xavier Neal has given her readers another winner with Must Love Jogs. As always, her characters grab ahold of my heart and pull me in completely from the beginning until the end. I fell in love with both Blake and Abby.

Abby is an accomplished cellist, winning awards and traveling the world, but yet never really living her life. She has been to Italy but never made it past the coffee shop around the corner from where she was staying. Practicing and rehearsing has always been her life, even in her childhood years.

Blake is a sexy, funny man who works with his brother. He enjoys his life, even though he has never committed to any woman. As his mother says, “Blake has never been in love with anything other than t**ts and beer” his entire life. When he meets Abby in a pub, he realizes she isn’t the typical woman he goes after. She shoots down every attempt he makes to hook up with her even though he makes her feel things she never felt before. She thinks after giving him the cold shoulder at the pub, he will leave her alone, even though he gave her his number that she isn’t using. However, fate isn’t done with these two. After running into each other, he gets her to agree to a date of sorts, and this begins the sweet friendship and later, a passionate love affair. They will have to overcome each other’s insecurities and outside forces to find their HEA. But, man, I loved these two!

I fell in love with Abby. She is classy, smart, and talented, working hard to get where she is. However, I hated that she never really got to enjoy life because of the pressures of her parents. I loved seeing her finally happy with genuine laughter and smiles. I loved Blake for showing her the joys of life. He was patient, kind, and loving to her. On the surface, he appears so confident, but Neal shows us that he indeed does feel some insecurities where Abby is concerned. She keeps him on his toes, and he loves being the one to show her the joys of life.

“I want to be the reason she’s lightheaded after screaming my name all night as much as the reason she can’t catch her breath from laughing so hard.” ~Blake


I have been a fan of Xavier Neal since the very first book I read. With every book I read by her, I love her even more. She has proven that she can write just about anything. She has made me laugh, and she has made me cry! I have loved every moment of it. With every book she has written, there is an underlying theme of love having no boundaries, and that is what makes life worth living! She does it with class and emotion! If you like character driven novels, you need to discover the talented Xavier Neal NOW!!!! I cannot wait to see these characters again, especially Blake’s parents, in the next book!!!!




Xavier Neal lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing, reading, or fandoms she recently discovered. Whether she is enjoying books or movies, she continues finding inspiration at every turn to bring more exciting stories to life.



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