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The Choices I’ve Made by J.L. Berg Blog Tour with Review! A Favorite of 2017!!!!


The Choices I’ve Made by J.L. Berg is available NOW!

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The Choices I’ve Made by J.L. Berg

Release Date: October 1st


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Death is easy.

Surviving it? That’s the hard part.

Dr. Jake Jameson knows this all too well. Losing his mother at the age of eighteen, he walks away from his small hometown and the painful memories it holds, vowing to never return again.

Twelve years later, he finds himself driving back down the coast of North Carolina. When his father leaves him a small medical practice, he has no choice but to heed the call until he can find someone else to take it off his hands.

But coming back home means facing everything he left behind, including the one woman who might make it impossible to leave again.

Molly McIntyre has spent her entire life in one town. Taking over her parents’ small inn, she’s settled into a quiet, happy life. But all of that comes to an abrupt halt when Jake shows up at her door in need of a place to stay.

Molly loathes everything about this man, but she can’t find it in her heart to refuse his request.

After over a decade, these former lovers quickly discover what once burned brightly between them has only grown in their time apart. Soon they must decide if the choices they’ve made have led them back to each other for a second chance or one final goodbye.


After two glasses of wine and an hour of feeling sorry for myself, I decided I’d had enough self-pity for one day. Rising from my cozy chair, I took one last look at the sparkling water as the moon rose high in the sky. How one could ever get used to a view like that, I’d never know. I’d been raised in this house, and still, it never ceased to take my breath away.

After a quick stop by the kitchen sink to rinse out my glass, I headed to the large pantry, deciding I needed a little baking therapy to pass the time. Although the Lovells had offered to take care of their own meals since I comped the room, I decided to treat them for their help over the last week.

As much as I hated to admit it, I couldn’t have done it all without them.

Grabbing flour, sugar, and a few more items, I settled on a family favorite recipe—zucchini bread. I’d added my own little flair to it over the years, but the basic recipe was still the same.

There was something almost restorative about the process of mixing ingredients. With no need for a recipe anymore, I found myself humming a song I’d heard on the radio earlier in the day, and my mood began to lift.

That was, until the doorbell rang.

Wiping my hands on a dish towel, I checked my appearance in the hallway mirror, rolling my eyes at the flour that coated my cheeks.

My mom always said I was a messy baker. I guessed some things never changed.

Putting on my best face possible, I prepared myself, morphing into the hostess with the mostest. It didn’t always happen, but every now and again, I’d have unexpected visitors. People who’d missed the last ferry and were in desperate need for a place to stay or others who had just fallen in love and didn’t want to leave.

In every case, I always found a place for them, sometimes even giving up my own rooms to accommodate them. Pulling open the door, I greeted the late-night visitor with a bright smile. But, the moment I saw his face, that familiar rugged jaw and piercing blue eyes, my smile faded into something less than pleasing.

“What are you doing here, Jake?” I nearly snarled.

“Is that any way to greet a guest?” he replied sluggishly. He was clearly drunk.

“Did you drive here in that state?” I asked, looking over his shoulder to make sure a car wasn’t wrapped around the neighbor’s tree.

“No,” he answered. “Waited until I was parked outside before I popped open the bourbon. Did you know, if you park right there”—he pointed behind him, making his sloppy posture even worse—“you can see the backyard? You still like to sit out on the deck, huh?”

My cheeks heated with anger as I realized my private moment of sulking had been witnessed by none other than hotshot Jake Jameson. I sighed, noticing the way his eyes followed mine.

“What do you want?” I finally asked, averting his gaze.

“I’m a wayward tourist in need of a place to stay.”

My arms folded across my chest as he made himself at home, breezing past me to stumble into the sitting room. His large body seemed to melt into the couch as I tried not to think about all the things we’d done in this room while my parents were out of the house.

“You have a place to stay, Jake,” I reminded him. “And, no matter how much you try to convince yourself, you’re no tourist. Not even a fancy degree could change that twang in your voice.”

He laughed, a sound that made my spine tingle. “You’re right. I can’t seem to shake it. But it does do me some favors every now and then.” He gave me a quick grin and a wink, causing me to nearly spit fire.

The idea of him using his stupid accent to get women into bed—it shouldn’t have affected me so, but it did.

It really did.

“Look,” I said, feeling my never-ending river of patience suddenly drying up, “it’s late, and I know you’ve had a rough day, but—”

“I tried, Molly. God, how I tried.”

“Tried what?” I asked, pinching the bridge of my nose.

“I tried to forget you. But I never could. I tried to forget this place and all it represented, but the memories never faded. You never faded.”

My heart galloped a little faster, but luckily my anger won the race. “You’ve got to go, Jake. You can’t stay here.”

“But I can’t go back there, Mols. I can’t go back to that house. There are too many ghosts. Too many memories. It hurts.”

The way he’d said it reminded me of the scared boy I’d once held in my arms as he wept for his mother. It tugged at the few remaining heartstrings I had for this man, and suddenly, I found myself caving.


He instantly perked up, turning his head, as his bright blue eyes found mine again.

“But you will pay double, and don’t expect any special treatment.”

He nodded as he tried to stand, swaying back and forth. I ran forward, keeping him from crashing into my antique coffee table. The generosity I’d felt just moments before was already starting to bite me in the ass.

“Got it,” he said as my hands wrapped around his muscled biceps. That intense stare of his was back as his fingers found mine. “You won’t even know I’m here,” he whispered, the smell of bourbon on his breath.

“Highly unlikely,” I grumbled, pulling my hand from his. The heat of it remained, like a brand against my skin. “Now, you can take the—”

“Yellow room,” he said, finishing my sentence.

It had always been a favorite of his. Mine, too.

“Fine,” I replied, trying to seem unaffected by his demand. “I assume you still remember the way?”

He held up his palm in front of his face. “Like the back of my hand.”

“That’s the front, Doctor.”

He laughed, sounding drunker than I’d ever seen him. “Right.” Taking a few steps forward, his body brushed against mine. “I like it when you call me doctor.”

I took a deep breath, putting some much-needed space between us.

“You would. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have bread to bake.”

“Bread!” he nearly shouted before chuckling under his breath. He said in a hushed tone, “I love bread.”

“Go to bed, Jake.”

“You first.”

Those two words were like a cold bucket of water. His gaze suddenly sharpened as a tingle went down my spine. Both of us knew he wasn’t talking about sleeping, and for a moment, I let him know it.

No eye roll or quick-witted comeback. I just stood there, letting myself indulge in a single moment that signified a lifetime of memories.

And then the jerk threw up on my shoes.





Well, J.L. Berg has completely stolen my heart! The Choices I’ve Made is one of those rare romances that hit me deep in my heart. I cried, I laughed. Berg broke my heart then put it back together again.

Jake and Molly were soulmates from the time they were small children. However, a tragedy in Jake’s life forced him to make a choice that would alter his and Molly’s life. It’s been over a decade since Molly watched Jake leave her and all the dreams she thought they shared. Jake is now a successful heart surgeon in Chicago, and Molly has taken over her parents’ bed and breakfast, making it a huge success. Jake vowed never return to Ocracoke Island and the girl he left behind. However, fate stepped in. His estranged father has died leaving him his family practice. Jake has given himself a timeline to get things in order and return to Chicago. Again, fate has different plans for him. He will have to face his past and the woman he could never forget!

I knew from the beginning this was going to be an amazing book, but it exceeded all my expectations. Berg had me from the beginning with the dedication to her husband; that made me realize this was going to be one heck of a special book. I connected with Jake and Molly from the beginning, even if Jake was a little cold. Berg did an outstanding job of showing me who Jake was before his mother died, and he went into a tailspin. She showed me the boy Molly fell in love with, the boy with the tender heart who loved Molly and his best friend, Dean.

I fell in love with Molly. She was beautiful both inside and out. She was loyal to those she loved. Her only fault was always putting other’s needs before hers. It caused her to miss out on living her own life at times. I loved seeing her grow into a person who finally had “balance” in her life.

Everything was perfect where this book was concerned. The characters were well-developed, and I LOVED the way in which Berg wrote. I have always wanted to visit Ocracoke, and I felt like she took me there. The setting was just breathtaking. However, my very favorite thing was the story itself. It’s something we can all relate…choices, love, second chances, and forgiveness. Let me just say, the epilogue was EPIC!!! Can’t wait for the next book about Jake and Molly’s BFF, Dean!!!!



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Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2x3FDey

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About the Author:

I’m a California native, who lives in the South – Virginia to be exact. I still prefer sushi to fried chicken, avocados to okra, and I absolutely loathe humidity. I do love watching the seasons change though. My husband and I have been here for over a decade, and I still get giddy like a school girl every time it snows. It’s magical!

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, and we’ve been blessed with two beautiful daughters and two rescue pups I like to call my “coworkers”. I’m obsessed with chocolate, minions, anything Harry Potter and I love to watch re-runs of Friends and Gilmore Girls!


Connect with the Author:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorjlberg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/authorjlberg

YouTube: http://bit.ly/2xdlYsu




Protecting Lily: Special Forces: Operation Alpha by Jenika Snow Release Blitz with Excerpt





I’ve always considered myself the one who would never settle down, but that wasn’t because I don’t want to. I’ve been in love for years, with Lily, the one woman I’m not good enough for.

Then again, Slade “Cutter” Cutsinger, the man we both look up to, a man who has been a parental figure to Lily since her father died, is fiercely protective of her. I don’t want to cross any lines, especially when he’s an important part of my life as well.

I want Lily too much to ignore how I feel, to pretend that I can stay away.


There has only ever been one person I’ve loved, but I know I can never have him. Our paths have never crossed romantically, and I’m too afraid to admit how I feel. I’m not a little girl anymore. I know what I want in life, and I don’t want to ignore it anymore.

I want to be Brock’s until it consumes me, no matter how dangerous it may be.


When an enemy from my past resurfaces and threatens the one person I love, it’s up to me to protect Lily. We’re trapped in a cabin and isolated from the world until the threat is handled. I know that I won’t be able to keep my self-control restrained with her around.

It’s time I man up and finally tell Lily that’s she’s always been mine.

Warning: This is a short but sexy romantic suspense story that is based in Susan Stoker’s Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World. If you like your heroes over-the-top alpha with eyes for only one woman, hold on tight because you’re in for one wild ride.

I pulled back and stared into her eyes, wanting to tell her that everything would be okay, that I had things under control. I did, to an extent. But the world was fucked up, and if we could have this one moment where we were just loving each other and not worrying about the fucked-up shit outside of these walls, then I’d give it to her tenfold.
“Please, I need you,” she moaned, and I almost lost it right then. I nearly came without even being inside of her.
I couldn’t stop myself anymore. I wanted Lily. Only her.
“When it comes to you, I have no control. None, Lily.” I wanted to devour every part of her. I wanted her to scream my name as I made her feel good. I wanted her to come for me as I licked every part of her body.
I wanted her to know that I was here for her, that I’d always be here for her and keep her safe. I saw her throat work as she swallowed. She was ready, so fucking primed I knew if I touched her in just the right way, she’d come for me.
I was going to last tonight.
“I want you.”
I groaned. “I’m so fucking hungry for you.” I wanted to hear her scream it out as she came for me, wanted our limbs a tangled mess and the sheets damp from our sweat as we fucked.
“I want you too, baby.”
“I want to be yours in every way.”
“You’re already mine. You’ve been mine.” I didn’t bother lying.
She licked her lips, and I was riveted to the sight. “You’re so beautiful.” I leaned forward and ran my tongue along the seam of her lips. With us now standing, I moved us backward until she was pressed against the front door, the wood stopping her so she couldn’t escape, if the thought even moved through her mind.
The scent of her surrounded me, filled my head, made me intoxicated. I ground my hard dick right up against her belly again, unable to help myself. She made this little gasp, and I growled in approval. “You feel that, how hard I am for you, how ready I am to take you?”
She had her head resting back on the door, her mouth parted, and her eyes half-closed.

“God. I need you, Lily.” I slipped my hand around her nape and curled my fingers, leaning down and running my tongue along the side of her throat, feeling her pulse beat harder, tasting the salty-sweet flavor of her skin. I licked at her throat again and again, needing so much more of her. She lifted her hands and placed them on my biceps, digging her fingers into my flesh. I loved the pain that slammed into me as her nails pierced my flesh. “I want you as mine forever,” I admitted.
“I am yours.”




Jenika Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author that lives in the northwest with her husband and their two daughters. Before she started writing full-time she worked as a nurse.

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All Or Nothing by Felice Stevens Release Blitz


All or Nothing an all-new, steamy MM romance by Felice Stevens is LIVE!


All or Nothing


by Felice Stevens


Publication Date: October 3rd, 2017


Genre: Contemporary MM Romance

A past he couldn’t forget

Adam Barton is living his dream of working as a firefighter in his small Texas town, but a tragedy from his youth continues to haunt him. He decides New York City is the perfect place to start a new life and joins the FDNY, living and loving his own way—no strings and nothing personal. Until he catches sight of Rico Estevez, the sexy chef with the mysterious smile who rocks his world. After one explosive night together, Adam craves another….And then another. The more he and Rico are together, the more Adam wants him.

A future he never imagined

Rico Estevez is living a lie. For years he’s hidden his sexuality, afraid to hurt the career of his politically ambitious father. He’s the perfect American―the best schools, top of his class and most importantly, to his father, a successful businessman. Who needs a boyfriend when sex is so easy to find? Starting a torrid love affair with Adam Barton isn’t a problem; neither one is looking toward forever. But Rico’s father is about to get the chance of a lifetime and Rico feels forced to play by his rules.

Rules are made to be broken

Adam proves more unforgettable than Rico ever imagines, but he gives in to family pressures above personal desire. When a fire reunites them, both men discover their passion for each other hasn’t died; rather it’s stronger than ever. Want turns to need and something more dangerous to their hearts—love. Adam and Rico know if they want to have it all, they can let no one and nothing stand in their way of a life together.


Read Today!

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2wZn8mM

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Start the Series of Standalones Today!

Learning to Love

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2xgfc3S

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The Way to His Heart

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2ykCN24

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Add to GoodReads: http://bit.ly/2hdUCrB

About Felice:

I have always been a romantic at heart. I believe that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending around the corner, My characters have to work for it, however. Like life in NYC, nothing comes easy and that includes love, but getting there is oh so fun and oh so sexy.

I live in New York City with my husband and two children. My day begins with a lot of caffeine and ends with a glass (or two of red wine). I practice law but daydream of a time when I can sit by a beach somewhere and write beautiful stories of men falling in love. Although there are bound to be a few bumps along the way, a Happily Ever After is always guaranteed.


Connect with Felice:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/felicestevensauthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FeliceStevens1

Blog: http://caferisque.blogspot.com/?zx=e071df0101ec6c96

Stay up to date with Felice by signing up for her newsletter here:


Join her Reader Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1449289332021166/



Bad For Her: A Bad Boys Gone Good Novel (Book 1) by Christi Barth Blog Tour with Review & Author Interview

christi blog tour

Bad For Her: A Bad Boys Gone Good Novel

by Christi Barth


USA Today bestselling author Christi Barth launches a sexy new series about three bad-boy brothers in Witness Protection who are about to learn that going good is harder than they thought…

Doctor Mollie Vickers loves the tight-knit community of her tiny Oregon town. But she’s not a fan of the limited dating options. Sleep with a guy who tried to copy off her in junior high? Pass. Mollie’s sex life is flatlining… until a deliciously handsome man she’s never seen before stops to help her fix a flat tire.

As an ex-mobster, Rafe Maguire’s no saint. But he’s trying to turn over a new leaf. Although he probably shouldn’t kiss the hot doctor on the side of the highway. Or suggest a no-strings fling with a woman he has no business pursuing. Rafe’s life is too complicated for love—his new WITSEC-provided identity doesn’t fit him at all and there’s a U.S. Marshal watching his every move. He can’t tell Mollie the truth… but their chemistry is scorching and being good doesn’t mean he can’t be a little bad.

Mollie can’t resist the guy who looks rough, talks tough, and is loyal to the bone. But it’s obvious Rafe is keeping secrets. When the truth comes out, Mollie must decide if she could ever love an ex-mobster… or if this bad boy has truly gone good.

Goodreads: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/bad-for-her



bad for her christi barth

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2wwdVTA

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2fMBowy

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/2kkFtcP

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/bad-for-her

ibooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/bad-for-her/id1193125769?mt=11&ign-mpt=uo%3D4




Great romance with a bit of suspense thrown in. Rafe is by no means a saint. He has seen the worst of the worst of humanity being an ex-mobster. But, he left that life to save his and his brothers’ lives. Now, they are in witness protection, this may be their last chance at any kind of life staying together. He knows he has to play the part of his new identity, and he has to make sure his brothers do the same. There is no other alternative. So, there is no time for a romance, but he considers changing that when he comes to the aid of a beautiful woman, Mollie, on the side of the road in his new town in Oregon. From the beginning, the chemistry between these two is scorching. What starts out as a sort of “friends/dating with benefits,” becomes something more. But, can Rafe trust Mollie with is true identity without putting her life in jeopardy? How will she react when she finds out the truth?

I always like to touch on characters in my reviews because for me, they are what really drive a story. And, I loved both Rafe and Mollie. Mollie is not only beautiful but smart. She is a doctor, much different from the women Rafe dated in his old life. Some of the women in Chicago liked what he did. Mollie doesn’t know that side of him. She challenges him, and the banter between the two was sexy, sweet, and at times, hilarious.

It’s a romance yet it’s a story about a man becoming the man he was meant to be. He isn’t the mobster who he thought he was, not who the others in the mob organization thought he was, and not the made- up man who is in hiding. He finds himself through Mollie, “a little bit bad, but trying hard as hell to be good” for her! She allows him to be who he should be. Loved it!

I hadn’t read anything by Christi Barth, but I’m so glad I have now. She has a way of pulling you into the story with her characters, and even her secondary ones. I loved that this is a series about brothers. Throughout the book, the sense of family and bond between these men is unbreakable despite their circumstances. I cannot wait to get to know the other two in upcoming books!



Christi Barth earned a Masters degree in vocal performance and embarked upon a career on the stage.  

A love of romance then drew her to wedding planning.  Ultimately she succumbed to her lifelong love of books and now writes award-winning contemporary romance, including the Naked Men and Aisle Bound series. Christi can always be found whipping up gourmet meals (for fun, honest!) or with her nose in a book. She lives in Maryland with the best husband in the world.



Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Yes. Did I think I would be? No. Being an author seemed something far too fantastical to aspire to, no matter how much I wanted it. Unattainable. Impossible. Authors were glorious and magical creatures to be revered. Being an astronaut or president seemed far more doable. I spent the summer before tenth grade writing a book (a 60 page historical pirate story of which I was quite proud) just for fun, but the thought of someone else wanting to read what I wrote boggled my mind. I couldn’t stop writing, though, and I finally hit the point where it was either try to finish a book and publish, or give up entirely. And…I don’t give up

Have any of your past jobs, such as wedding planner, influenced your writing or characters?

Well, my Aisle Bound series is four books about wedding planners, so that had several true stories woven in (although I won’t tell you which are true and which are sheer imagination, to protect the happily married). I’d say my travels influence my writing more than jobs or people. I get very inspired when I visit new places, and invariably am hit with story ideas.

Do you have a music list while writing?

Most of the time I do not. As a former musician, I pay too much attention to the music and not enough to my book. I do listen to music (Pink Martini, Nick Jonas and/or Kurt Elling) when I write full-blown sex scenes, to get in the mood. For this series, I’ve been listening to ocean and forest sounds, since it takes place on the Oregon coast.

Do you have any favorite snacks or drinks while writing?

Anything? Everything? I love to eat. When I’m writing late at night, I’ll splurge with graham crackers spread with peanut butter and jam. That satisfies my craving for sweets without the reckless indulgence of say, an entire pie. And hard cider is a light drink I enjoy when I want to sip on something but still stay clearheaded enough to keep writing.

When writing a series, are all your characters for future books already in the works, or do you find smaller characters develop into characters for future books?

I am a planner extraordinaire. I can’t get to my destination without working out every step of the journey first. So yes, before I even write chapter one of the first book in a new series, I know every possible pairing for future books—even ones that might not ever make it to the page.

Do you have any favorite writers or books?

I adore paranormal, so my go to authors there are Chloe Neill, Melissa F. Olson and J.R. Ward. For contemporary, my auto-buys are, of course, Nora Roberts, Jessica Lemmon, Kate Meader and omigosh Emma Chase’s royal series (I love anything with a tiara).

What genre is your favorite to read?

I read everything except Westerns. I think reading is a lot like eating – you get in moods and binge on a certain subgenre for a while and just wallow in its awesomeness, and then bounce to something else. I love Dan Brown and Steve Berry thrillers, old school Agatha Christie mysteries (yes, I’ve read them all) and the delicious fun of Regency romances.

How do you balance your professional life with your personal life?

By being married to the very best husband in the entire world. He helps me so much, and makes it possible for me to focus on writing. I literally couldn’t do it without his support. It also helps that my closest friends are writers, so they understand and we all support each other.



Website: http://www.christibarth.com/home/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christibarthauthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/christi_barth

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christibarth/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/christibarth/

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Christi-Barth/e/B0031590RA/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1



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The Opal Blade (The Ashen Touch Trilogy, Book 1) by Kristy Nicolle Excerpt Reveal & Pre-Order


The Opal Blade (The Ashen Touch Trilogy, Book 1)

by Kristy Nicolle

Releasing October 13, 2017



The scene would shock most people.

A nun on her knees, giving head to the god of The Underworld.


Haedes’ face is contorted with anger and pleasure melded into one, and Annie’s eyes are wide and tear filled, staring up at him as he continues to thrust himself into her mouth.


At the intrusion, they both turn from where they are positioned. Her at the foot of the super king size mattress, and him towering over her, both hands grasping the black wood of the bed post with white knuckles.


I cough, clearing my throat as Annie’s gaze becomes slightly terrified. She’s bound at the wrists and ankles with black silk, unable to move, but clearly mortified. Her blonde hair falls from beneath the ceremonial wimple he always makes her wear, for a reason I can’t understand, as her jaw slackens and he turns to me, fully naked.


“Your daughter, and yes, she is your daughter –  is under attack from the Demon Lords. She’s coming to stay with us. Thought you’d like to know,” I announce, keeping my chin tilted high and spinning on one heel.




Pre-Order now for only 99c!