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When Dawn Breaks by Melissa Toppen Release Blitz with Review! Favorite of 2017!!!!

Title: When Dawn Breaks

Author: Melissa Toppen

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 10, 2017




Life is hard. There’s no secret in that statement.

Life. Is. Hard.

Simple enough.

But my life hasn’t just been hard…

I’ve gotten used to it over the years—come to expect it really. So when fate hands me yet another big f*ck you, I’m not even a little bit surprised.

Why should I be? I mean, after everything I’ve been through, why not throw my best friend’s ex-boyfriend into the mix and see how royally I can screw this up too.

It doesn’t matter that he loved her first.

It doesn’t matter that he’s wrong for me in every way possible.

It doesn’t matter that being with him could ruin everything.

One touch and I already know it’s too late…

When Dawn Breaks is a standalone Contemporary Romance. It can be read following Tess and Sebastian’s story (Where the Night Ends) or completely on its own.

*This book contains content pertaining to sexual and physical abuse. Not recommended for readers who are sensitive to this subject matter.

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****5 ++++ STARS****

I’m truly at a loss of words…yes, When Dawn Breaks by Melissa Toppen was that good! There were times my heart was broken, and then she deftly put it back together again. I’m AMAZED!


Love…it’s all that really matters at the end of the day. The people you love and the ones who love you. That’s what life is about.”


Unfortunately, Bree has never really known what love really means until the birth of her son Jack when she was just 17. Now, Jack is 5, and she has worked hard to be the mother to Jack that she never had. Bree moved from the east coast to California to be with her grandparents, and she tried to work past the pain of her childhood and make her life bearable. Her best friends, Tess and Courtney, have been her support system for as long as she can remember. They are the only ones, besides her therapist, who know all of her past. Both women have given her the strength to be the woman and mother she is today.

A chance meeting with her high school friend, Anthony, will be the catalyst that could possibly give her the life she has always dreamed about or completely break her. Anthony was Courtney’s boyfriend in high school, but he broke it off with her senior year because he had feelings for someone else and didn’t want to string Courtney along. Anthony and Bree always had a connection in high school. When they reconnect, the feelings they had when they were younger intensify. They are drawn to each other because of their childhoods. They were horrific. Of course, they try to deny their growing attraction, but it’s getting harder as they spend almost all their time together. This is a couple that deserve their HEA, but can they overcome their pasts? How will their relationship affect her friendship with Courtney? Even if it was over years ago with Courtney and Ant, Bree would never jeopardize her friendship, but now she doesn’t think she could choose between them.

This is a tearjerker. Parts were very difficult to read, but I’m glad I did. Bree and Ant are both amazing characters. They are so incredibly strong. They each carried secrets and burdens by themselves that no child should ever have to carry. Sadly, many do in the real world, and Toppen did an amazing job addressing an incredibly difficult subject. My heart broke for both, but Bree about devastated me. It’s incredible and hard to fathom that a woman knew what shame, devastating physical and mental pain, neglect, rejection, and loneliness was, but she had no idea how to process the possibility of love and hope. I’m still fighting tears. She and Ant prove that your past doesn’t have to define you…you can create something new and better.

This book will stay with me forever. I just hope that others that have or are suffering abuse will find someone like Bree and Ant who will “pull them from the shadows and give them the strength to face the dawn, as they did, scars and all.” That those that are broken will “know what it means to be healed.” Thank you, Melissa Toppen for an incredibly emotional, moving, and beautiful book!



About The Author


Melissa Toppen is a Bestselling Romance Author of New Adult, Coming-of-Age, Contemporary, Erotic and Romantic Suspense. She is a lover of books and enjoys nothing more than losing herself in a good novel. She has a soft spot for Romance and focuses her writing in that direction; writing what she loves to read. Melissa was born and raised in a small town in Ohio and now resides in Cincinnati with her husband and two children, where she writes full time. In addition to spending time with family and friends, Melissa loves going to concerts and is obsessed with the T.V. shows: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time and Outlander.


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