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Darkness Matters by Jay McLean Blog Tour with Giveaway & 5-Star Review!!! Amazing, Must Read Book!!!!

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Title: Darkness Matters

Author: Jay McLean

Released: June 26, 2017







It’s the same old story, really.

Good versus evil.

Heroes versus villains.

Light versus dark.

For two years, college freshman Noah Morgan lived his life somewhere in the middle, fighting darkness and light, always searching for answers to a single question:

Why, Noah, why?

The same three words keep him up at night, struggling for air while gripping a plastic cylinder containing white pills to match the white label with his name printed in ink as deep and dark as his memories—memories that turned him into a recluse.

A shut-in.

An introvert.

Luckily for him, that’s not how the girl next door sees him.




*****5 STARS*****

This book was amazing with a capital “A.” I’m still a little at a loss for words. I’m hoping I can come up with the right words to express how beautiful this book truly was.

Noah and Andie are heartbroken, devastated, living with guilt, living in darkness…each for their own reasons. Noah has moved from his home into a house with his best friend, Bradley. Andromeda aka Andie and her twin sister, Milky, are also tenants in the home. Andie and Noah are drawn to each other from the very beginning. However, their pasts will complicate any future they are contemplating.


“…the boy’s an enigma, a paradox, a complete and utter mystery. I wonder how he sees me.”~ Andie


This book was packed with emotion. While there is a budding romance between Andie and Noah, there is a hint of mystery about their pasts. McLean does a fantastic job of unraveling their secrets in each chapter, especially Andie. I got a front row seat into what made her descend into darkness.


“I’m the girl who sees the world in black and white and different shades of grays, but barely in color.” ~Andie


Discovering her past was at times painful to witness. At times, I was furious. Andie had everything going for her. She was brilliant, and she had the potential to do amazing things. Several wrong decisions and trusting the person she gave her heart to would have far-reaching consequences for her. It was incredibly realistic. Many young girls her age make the same mistakes she did. While my heart broke for her, her tenacity and determination to make a better life for herself made me admire her immensely.

Noah…oh my heart be still! He epitomizes goodness and love. Because of his love for someone, he lost a part of himself. Like Andie, I admired his determination to attempt to find happiness again. Andie brought some light back into his darkness, and she possibly could bring him out of that darkness. Like Andie, there was no way I couldn’t fall for Noah.


“…his kiss is slow, pure, honest. It’s everything he is. Everything I’m not used to. He’s the good fighting evil. The hero fighting evil. The hero versing the villain. The light overpowering the dark.”


The ending was perfect for Andie and Noah. They will have to work hard at a relationship. They have to mend relationships with others, and they have to forgive themselves. So, it wasn’t an ending that tied everything up in a nice, neat bow, but it was realistic. I hope this isn’t the end of their story but just the beginning. They are making their first steps out of darkness together. If you want I book that is beautiful, yet heartbreaking, and yet full of hope, I highly recommend Darkness Matters.


“Darkness does matter. But so does hope. So does love. So does light.”




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Jay McLean is an international best-selling author and full-time reader, writer of New Adult Romance, and most of all, procrastinator. When she’s not doing any of those things, she can be found running after her two little boys, playing house and binge watching Netflix.

She writes what she loves to read, which are books that can make her laugh, make her hurt and make her feel.

Jay lives in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, in a forever half-done home where music is loud and laughter is louder.



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