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So Over You (Chicago Rebels, #2) by Kate Meador Blog Tour with Excerpt, Review, & Giveaway

So Over You

by Kate Meader

Chicago Rebels #2

Publication Date: December 4, 2017

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Sports Romance



Three estranged sisters struggle to sustain their late father’s failing hockey franchise in Kate Meader’s sizzling Chicago Rebels series. In this second entry, middle sister Isobel is at a crossroads in her personal and professional lives. But both are about to get a significant boost with the addition of a domineering Russian powerhouse to the Rebels….

Isobel Chase knows hockey. She played NCAA, won Olympic silver, and made it thirty-seven minutes into the new National Women’s Hockey League before an injury sidelined her dreams. Those who can’t, coach, and a position as a skating consultant to her late father’s hockey franchise, the Chicago Rebels, seems like a perfect fit. Until she’s assigned her first job: the man who skated into her heart as a teen and relieved her of her pesky virginity. These days, left-winger Vadim Petrov is known as the Czar of Pleasure, a magnet for puck bunnies and the tabloids alike. But back then… let’s just say his inability to sink the puck left Isobel frustratingly scoreless.

Vadim has a first name that means “ruler,” and it doesn’t stop at his birth certificate. He dominates on the ice, the practice rink, and in the backseat of a limo. But a knee injury has produced a bad year, and bad years in the NHL don’t go unrewarded. His penance? To be traded to a troubled team where his personal coach is Isobel Chase, the woman who drove him wild years ago when they were hormonal teens. But apparently the feeling was not entirely mutual.

That Vadim might have failed to give Isobel the pleasure that was her right is intolerable, and he plans to make it up to her—one bone-melting orgasm at a time. After all, no player can perfect his game without a helluva lot of practice…




He leaned in again, smelling of fame, privilege, and raw sex appeal. Discomfort at his proximity edged out the hormonal sparks dancing through her body.

“Does Moretti know that we have history? That you are the last person I wish to work with?”

Before she could respond, someone squealed, “Vadim!” A blond, skinny, buxom someone, who now wrapped herself around Vadim in a very possessive manner. “You said you’d be back with a dwinkie!”

A dwinkie?

Drawing back, Vadim circled the squealer’s waist and pulled her into his hard body. “Kotyonok, I did not mean to be so long.” He dropped a kiss on her lips, needing to bend considerably because she was just so darn petite! Not like big-boned Isobel, who could have eaten this chick and her five supermodel Playmates for a midmorning snack. A group of them stood off to the side, clearly waiting for the signal to start the orgy. And Vadim clearly wanted to give it, except he had to deal with the annoying six-foot fly in the sex ointment.

Why did the lumberjack hotties always go for twigs instead of branches? Did it make them feel more virile to screw a pocket-sized Barbie?

Yep, feeling like a schlub.

But he didn’t need to know that. All he needed to know was that she had the power to return him to competitive ice. This was her best shot at making a difference and getting the Rebels to a coveted play-off spot. Vadim Petrov and his butt-hurt feelings would not stand in her way.

“Do you need to talk about it, Russian?”

She infused as much derision into the question as possible, so that the idea of “talking about it” made him sound a touch less than manly. Big, bad, brick-house Russians didn’t need to talk about the women who done them wrong.

“There is nothing to talk about,” he uttered in that voice that used to send Siberian shivers down her back. Now? Nothing more than a Muscovian flurry.

“Excellent!” Superscary cheerful face. “Regular practice is tomorrow at ten, so I’ll see you on the ice at 9 a.m. Don’t be late.”

Pretty happy with her exit line, she walked away.

Far too easy.

A brute hand curled around hers and pulled her to the other side of the bar, out of the sight line of most of the VIP room. She found her back against a wall—literally and figuratively—as 230 pounds of Slavic muscle loomed over her.

He still held her hand.

If she weren’t so annoyed, she’d think it was kind of nice.

She yanked it away. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Who am I?” he boomed, and she prayed it was rhetorical. Unfortunately, no. “I am Vadim Petrov. Leading goal scorer for my first two years in the NHL. Winner of both the Kontinental and the Gagarin Cups. A man not to be trifled with. And you are, who, exactly? The daughter of a hockey great who was not so great when it came to running a team. The woman who can no longer play yet thinks she can offer ‘tips’ to me. To me! You may have pedigree, Isobel, but there is nothing I can learn from you.”

This arrogant, douchewaffle piece of shit!



*****5 STARS*****


Kate Meador continues the story of three estranged sisters who are brought together by their late father’s will. They are trying to keep a failing hockey team together and in their control. This book is about Isobel, who was a hockey star in her own right until a devastating injury crushed all her dreams. Now, she is a coaching consultant, working with her sisters, Harper and Violet.

Vadim is a Russian powerhouse on the ice, but a knee injury has sidelined him. He is traded to the struggling Chicago Rebels team. If that weren’t bad enough, the coach in charge of getting him in shape to take the ice again is none other than Isobel. The two share a past that ended in hurt, anger, and resentment. Yes, this pair heat up the ice even more than Harper and Remy in the first book, Irresistible You.

I always like meeting characters for the first time in a book, and Vadim definitely made an impression on me. He was beautiful, yes beautiful, but he exuded power and arrogance as well. He is known for his exploits both in and out of the bedroom. He isn’t called the Czar of Pleasure for nothing. Isobel wants nothing to do with that or so she tells herself, never mind that he sets her mind and body on fire. She has a lot riding on him getting better and taking the team to the play-offs. She knows her boundaries and how to stick to them, but Vadim sure does make it hard. He is busy crushing those walls she has built up. She doesn’t trust men because of her carousing father. I wanted her to see not all men were like that, Vadim especially. My initial thoughts about him were that he might hurt her because of his arrogance and resentment towards Isobel or Bella as he calls her. I soon discovered he wasn’t all that selfish at all, especially with Bella and his sister, Mia. I loved seeing that vulnerable and teddy bear side to him.

The characters were just aspect of the book that I loved. Meador was still building her secondary characters and her characters from the previous book, Remy and Harper. Even though the book was about Vadim and Isobel, I was still getting to know all the other characters. The attraction and relationship between them was steamy, but there was a sweetness and depth to it as well. No one understood what Isobel was going through more than Vadim. He is also an athlete and knows what an injury can cost you…not just physically but mentally as well. Poor Isobel was trying to figure out where she fit in concerning her professional life but also in getting to know her sisters. Meador continues to build on the budding relationship between the women, and she does it in a very realistic way. Towards the end of the book, I had tears in my eyes. Vadim also has dealt with an absent parent, his mother. He is trying to come to terms with his relationship with her and his sister. This was another book added to my favorites of 2017.

I highly recommend this series, and I would read them in order. As I wrote earlier, you will see the deepening bond between the sisters that, in my opinion, you would miss if you read this book before Irresistible You. It had everything I loved…friendship, family, loyalty, trust, and a second-chance romance that will surely melt your heart. Looking forward to more in the series. Meador leaves us with just enough information to whet your appetite for more!



Originally from Ireland, USA Today bestselling author Kate Meader cut her romance reader teeth on Maeve Binchy and Jilly Cooper novels, with some Harlequins thrown in for variety. Give her tales about brooding mill owners, oversexed equestrians, and men who can rock an apron or a fire hose, and she’s there. Now based in Chicago, she writes sexy contemporary romance with alpha heroes and strong heroines who can match their men quip for quip.

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