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New Review!!!! His to Corrupt (Completely His Book 4) by Ava Sinclair


His to Corrupt (Completely His Book 4)

by Ava Sinclair



I’ve always been the shy one among my friends. The responsible one. The good girl.

But that was before I met Jackson Rider, the tattooed, motorcycle-riding ex-con who saved my life and demanded a date with me as payment.

Jackson wants to make a good girl go bad, even if it’s for just one night. But one night isn’t enough. Not for him. Not for me.

I know he’s dangerous. I know he’s corrupting me. I’m just not sure I want him to stop…

Publisher’s Note: His to Corrupt is a stand-alone novel which is the fourth book in the Completely His series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.






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****4.5 STARS****

His to Corrupt by Ava Sinclair is a sexy, steamy, good girl falling for a bad boy romance. Clara is a sweet, beautiful woman. She doesn’t have much confidence in herself. She lives a content life. She has a great job as a high school English teacher at a good Catholic school. But, her life is missing something….passion. She obeys the rules even if sometimes she does not believe they are right. Jackson is the exact opposite of her. He is tattooed and rides a motorcycle. He isn’t one for rules, and has paid his time in prison for not living by rules. Clara and Jackson should never cross paths, and she definitely isn’t his type AT ALL! Yet, when these two meet, it’s explosive. He wants to taste her innocence, and he awakens the wild side in her that she keeps hidden.

Jackson saves her life one night outside his nightclub. As repayment, he wants a date with her. She knows what a huge mistake it would be, but she also can’t help but think she might be missing something life-altering if she doesn’t. She has no illusions. She knows her definition of a date is not the same as Jackson’s. The faster she runs, the faster he chases her.

I loved the romance in the book. It is definitely steamy and sexy. However, that is only one important part of the book. The issues of sin, goodness, and judgment are addressed within the pages. Sinclair does it in a brilliant way, using parallels with the classic, The Scarlet Letter.

Clara is teaching this particular book in her class. As she is teaching her students, the parallels between her story and Hester’s become obvious. Hester was judged by her community, just as Clara will be judged by the people in her town, and especially those she works with. Her relationship with Jackson will never be accepted by her superiors at the school. He’s a tattooed, motorcycle riding ex-con, and according to them, he has no business with someone as innocent as Clara. Yet, those making those judgements are people who are hiding skeletons in their own closets.

His to Corrupt is a steamy romance but it goes much deeper asking us how we judge people ourselves. People are complicated, and what we see on the surface isn’t what defines us. Clara and Jackson are perfect examples of never judging a book by its cover! Looking forward to reading more from Ava Sinclair.



(Created by Victoria Rouch)

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Variety is the spice of life, and USA TODAY bestselling author Ava Sinclair embraces variety by bringing her readers romance novels spanning multiple genres. But the books all have a common theme – dominant alpha males dedicated to claim the hearts and bodies of strong-minded women. She prides herself on plot-driven books with a perfect balance of story at steam.







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