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A Warriner to Tempt Her (The Wild Warriners) by Virginia Heath Blog Tour with Excerpt, Interview with the Author, 5 Star Review, and Giveaway!!!!


A Warriner To Tempt Her

A shy innocent wary of all men… After a shocking incident, shy Lady Isabella Beaumont is perfectly happy to stay in the background and let her sister get all the attention from handsome suitors! However, working with Dr. Joseph Warriner to help the sick and needy pushes her closer to a man than she’s ever been before. Is this man worth trusting with her deepest of desires…?

Is your book part of a series / standalone? It is part of The Wild Warriners series but can be read as a standalone

Are there any possible trigger warnings that bloggers/readers need to be aware of? I don’t think so. It tackles mental health issues in the 19th century and there is a smallpox epidemic.

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She gave him a brief smile and then turned and rapidly went about stripping the bed. ‘I am so sorry about my father’s behaviour yesterday… when you called upon us. I fear he has been listening to gossip.’

‘Pay it no mind.’ He smiled kindly at her. ‘We Warriners are used to it. I blame my grandfather. He treated his tenants abominably and swindled all the local tradesmen. As did his father before him. And then, of course, my own dear papa was a famous drunkard who was too quick with his fists and racked up debts all the way from Lincoln to Nottingham. He also, if the gossips are to be believed, drove his wife to suicide—but then I am told my mother was selfish by nature and did enjoy a bit of drama. Which was probably why she married him in the first place. Whilst those three scoundrels fester in the ground, this generation suffers for their sins. The gossip about the four of us is quite wonderful, too. I suppose you have heard the story about how my oldest brother Jack kidnapped an heiress and compromised her into marriage? Each time I hear it told I swear it has been further embellished. The one about my other brother James is equally scandalous. He seduced the vicar’s daughter into sin and practically dragged her out of her father’s house after beating the man senseless—or so I’ve heard tell. For the record, neither account bears any resemblance to the actual truth, but who cares when the gossip is so delicious. I not surprised your father sent me away—I’m a danger to society. Frankly, I am surprised he has allowed you to continue here, what with me being the devil and all.’

He hid the note of bitterness well beneath a veneer of amusement, but his eyes gave him away. The gossip bothered him and rightly so. Bella now dreaded telling him the truth. ‘Actually…’ Shame made her dip her head and the silence hung for a heartbeat.

‘Ah… I see. I take it he doesn’t know you’re here.’

‘He thinks I am knitting stockings at the ladies’ circle.’

He had turned his back to look out of the window, so Bella had no idea how he felt about her confession. ‘And when he finds out the truth?’

‘I shall cross that bridge when I come to it—if I come to it. My mother is fairly certain he will take her at her word without challenge.’

She watched his shoulders stiffen and a hand scrape across his jawbone, and got the distinct impression he was angry, yet when he turned to face her again his expression was bland. ‘With both his wife and his daughter lying to him, let us pray he remains blissfully in the dark.’ His arms folded across his chest as he pierced her with his gaze. ‘Tell me—why are you here, Lady Isabella? Is this some form of rebellion or a way of getting your own back on your father? An adventure, perhaps?’

The accusation stung. ‘I am not that shallow, Dr Warriner, and I resent the implication.’

‘Fair enough, I shall take you at your word, but there has to be a reason why you are defying him and coming here, despite his express instructions to the contrary, and if I am expected to lie for you, which I presume I am, I should like to know I did so for a good purpose. After all, I dare say I will be the first person your father hunts down when your duplicity is uncovered and I doubt he will be inclined to be reasonable. Not with my reputation.’

She knew lies now would likely only serve to alienate him and Bella needed his compliance to stay. ‘Since I was a little girl I have had an interest in science and medicine in particular. Being here, helping these children, allows me to indulge that interest.’

His dark head tilted to one side as he searched her features for the truth. She tried and failed to hold his stare. ‘What else?’ For the first time he was not the affable and easy-going man she had always seen. This one had a stubborn set to his jaw; an edge of steel in his tone. He was offended and suspicious, the outer layer of calm belying his irritation, yet bizarrely the tight control he held over his emotions made her feel secure in his presence. Even angry, she knew he wouldn’t hurt her and she knew it without having to think it like a mantra.

‘There is nothing else.’ Although her cheeks were already burning with shame at the flimsy explanation.

‘You’re lying.’

‘It’s not a lie!’ At best it was a watered-down version of the truth. A watered-down version which skipped over a great many pertinent and humiliating details.

‘You are prepared to risk your father’s wrath because you have always had an interest in medicine and I am to risk bearing the brunt of it merely to indulge you? I think it is best you go home, my lady. I have no desire to be blamed for luring you into disobeying your father and I do not have time to pander to your indulgence.

He stalked to the door and was almost through it by the time the voice inside called out in panic, ‘Please don’t send me away. My work at this infirmary has been everything to me these past few weeks… I can’t go backwards. Not now.’ Bella wanted to cry and he heard it.

He halted and turned to face her slowly. ‘Backwards?’ His deep blue eyes were watching her intently, reminding her this man was more intelligent than any man she had encountered before, when Bella was used to being the most intelligent person in any room. ‘Backwards from what?’





A Warriner to Tempt Her is the first book I have read by Virginia Heath, but it definitely won’t be my last. I can’t wait to download the first two books in the series.

Lady Isabella Beaumont is a beautiful, intelligent woman who is more suited to the modern age. However, her spark has dimmed since a man tried to take her innocence. Now, she doesn’t trust men. Handsome Dr. Warriner fascinates her though.

Joe Warriner, like Bella, is a man ahead of his time. He is a doctor who actually cares about his patients, unlike Dr. Bentley, who only cares about the money his patients can give him. Joe nor his family is liked in the town because of his father’s and grandfather’s past actions. People are suspicious of him because of his modern thinking when it comes to medicine, and he will see anyone who needs treatment, whether they can pay him or not. Joe notices Bella, but only for her surly demeanor. He is more entranced by her sister, Clarissa, who is the exact opposite of Bella, at least at first.

As Bella spends time at the foundling hospital, Joe becomes increasingly mesmerized by her beauty and her intelligence. She is different than any other woman he has been in the company of. Bella begins to slowly trust Joe despite her fears. She desperately wants to reclaim the woman she once was, but her fear holds her prisoner. Maybe…just maybe…Joe is the one to set her free. I loved being a bystander and watching a mutual respect, then a friendship, and then a love develop between these two. They definitely were perfectly matched. As Joe accepted her for who she was, she accepted Joe despite his family’s past. She even supported him in his more modern way of practicing medicine!

Not only did I enjoy their romance, but I enjoyed the way medicine and history of the smallpox epidemic was incorporated into the book. Thank God for doctors like Joe Warriner. If you are looking for an intelligent, witty, entertaining historical romance, I highly recommend getting to know Dr. Joe!!!!!




Author Bio


When Virginia Heath was a little girl it took her ages to fall asleep, so she made up stories in her head to help pass the time while she was staring at the ceiling. As she got older, the stories became more complicated, sometimes taking weeks to get to the happy ending. Then one day, she decided to embrace the insomnia and start writing them down. Fortunately, the lovely people at Harlequin took pity on her and decided to publish her romances, but it still takes her forever to fall asleep.





Virginia Heath Interview


How did you come up with the idea for this book?

The plot idea had been brewing for years really. I used to be a history teacher, and one of the exam modules was the history of medicine through time. I found the whole topic fascinating, especially the during the 18th and 19th centuries when medicine became more scientific, yet many doctors and the general public were hugely resistant to change. Not to mention, technology hadn’t caught up with most of the scientific thinking. This was a time when there were no anaesthetics, no antibiotics and germs had yet to be discovered so the slightest infection could kill. I wanted to write a story encompassing all that. A cutting-edge doctor battling against the ignorance and fears of the majority.

When I began writing my Wild Warriners series about four very different brothers, I decided to make the third brother Joseph Warriner my doctor. A Warriner to Tempt Her is a romance set against the backdrop of the fascinating world of medicine during the Regency. And I really threw some stuff at him. Poor Joe and the equally brilliant heroine Bella have to deal with broken bones, archaic mental health treatments and a deadly epidemic of smallpox as well as overwhelming public opposition before they get their happily ever after. I loved every second of it!

What was your favorite thing about each character?

Joe Warriner has the patience of a saint. He’s a true healer who always wants the best for his patients and doggedly works all hours of the day and night. I’ve read so many books where the hero is flawed, and of course Joe isn’t perfect, but I wanted to write a truly good guy for once. Bella is the broken one, yet so desperate not to be. She’s also has a brilliant scientific mind. She’s courageous, tenacious and, like Joe, intrinsically wired to do good. From the outset it is obvious they were made for each other- if only Bella was terrified of all men and if only Joe wasn’t head over heels in love with her sister…

​ Do you have a playlist you listen to when writing?

I often get asked this, and I know many writers find inspiration in music, but my odd brain can’t concentrate if there is music playing. I see the story in my head like a film, and like a film I suppose those thoughts come with their own soundtrack. Absolute silence is my preferred playlist. Aside from my Labrador Trevor’s snoring in his dog bed next to my desk. Bizarrely, I quite like that.

Any favorite foods/drinks you like while writing?

Copious cups of proper English tea with milk but no sugar. I don’t think I could survive without it. I don’t tend to snack when I write, which is just as well because I certainly make up for that when I’m not writing!

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Early on. The moment I discovered the joy of reading properly at around ten, the urge to write my own stories has run alongside it. In my bio it says that when I was little, I used to make up stories in my head at bedtime- that’s true. I’ve always done that, so I suppose the writing gene was there well before I could even read. In my teaching career, I always created my own resources so their was a partial outlet for my creativity, but history is based on fact not the fanciful stuff in my head. I had been seriously considering writing a fiction book for years, and like most people didn’t think I’d ever be good enough, but it wasn’t until my late forties that I dared to seriously pursue my dream. I’m rather glad I did now.

What are some are your favorite reads?

Where to start? I adore Nora Roberts. Montana Sky is my absolute favourite book, closely followed by Carnal Innocence. Coincidentally, both books have serial killers in them which isn’t my usual go-to read. The Moon’s a Balloon, David Niven’s hilarious autobiography, is a book I have read over and over again. It remains the only book which has ever made me laugh out loud in a packed London Tube- a serious no-no for us repressed and reserved Brits! Obviously I love historical romances. Tessa Dare’s Spindle Cove series, Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons and Julie Anne Long’s Pennyroyal Green series are all outstanding. I love the Bridget Jones books too. I suppose my own style is a hybrid of all those things as my books tend to be romantic comedies. Bridget Jones in a corset. Despite the smallpox and the other serious challenges in A Warriner to Tempt Her, I still managed to squeeze in some funny. I can’t seem to help myself.



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