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The Letter by Eliza J. Scott Blog Tour with Review, Extract, Q & A with the Author & Giveaway (Win a PB copy of The Lettter – Kitty’s Story, Chocolate and Neom Hand Cream (Open Internationally)

The Letter - Kitty's Story

The Letter – Kitty’s Story

By Eliza J. Scott



Thirty-four-year-old Kitty Bennett is trapped in a loveless marriage to criminal barrister, Dan, who’s gradually isolated her from her family and friends. Until the day she (literally) bumps into her first love, the handsome and easy-going Ollie Cartwright – someone she’s done her best to avoid for as long as she can remember. Looking into Ollie’s eyes awakens feelings for him she thought she’d buried deep years ago, and he clearly feels the spark, too. As she walks away, Kitty can’t help but wonder what might have been…
Dan senses that his marriage is on shaky ground and knows he needs to win his wife round. He turns on the charm, skilfully using their two children, Lucas and Lily, as bargaining tools. But Kitty’s older brother, Jimby, and her childhood best-friends, Molly and Violet, have decided enough is enough. For years they’ve had to watch from afar as Kitty’s been browbeaten into an unrecognisable version of herself. They vow to make her see Dan for what he really is, but their attempts are no match for his finely-honed courtroom skills and, against her better judgement, Kitty agrees to give her husband one last chance. But, all-too-soon, a series of heart-breaking events and a shocking secret throw her life into turmoil…
Will she stand by Dan, or will Kitty be brave enough to take the leap and follow her heart to Ollie?

Life is anything but peaceful in the chocolate-box pretty village of Lytell Stangdale, where life unravels, and hearts are broken. Full of heart-warming moments, this book with have you crying
tears of joy, laughter and sadness.

Christie’s Review


Wow! Where do I begin with this review? There is so much emotion, twists and turns to Kitty’s journey to happiness!!! I’m so glad I got to join her! Plus, she had a Black Labrador in the book. Being a fellow Lab lover with two yellows of my own, I knew I would love this book!!!!

Kitty is such a gentle soul and loyal to a fault, often to the detriment of her own well-being! She has a lovely home, a successful husband, and two beautiful children. When you look behind the closed doors of her home, you will see the secrets she is keeping! She does have a wonderful home and great children, but her husband, Dan, is absolute rubbish…a manipulative brute. She has put up with his awful behavior for far too long, and she has had just about enough!!!!

The title Eliza J. Scott chose was absolutely perfect!!! This is definitely Kitty’s story. Scott goes back and forth in time to give us the story of Kitty and her marriage to Dan. Through those trips back in time, readers get to see just how manipulative Dan really is, always putting his selfish needs before everyone else’s.

I can’t explain how wonderful it was seeing Kitty rediscover who she was and realizing she didn’t need Dan. I found myself fist pumping every time she stood up for herself. I loved seeing her brother, Jimby and friends, Molly and Violet, supporting her as they always had. The book was even better with Ollie, whom had always loved her but always watched her from afar. Now, he is determined to fight for her like he should have when Dan first entered the picture.

I adored all the relationships and friendships within the book. The best part was adding Kitty’s deceased mother’s influence throughout the book. Kitty would always feel as if her mother was still with her in some sense through little things and just when she needed her guidance.  In a sense, she was a character who had a huge impact on Kitty. If you are looking for a book with plenty emotion, second chances, friendship, and love, look no further than this one!!!! 


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Purchase Link – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Letter-Kittys-Story-Life-Moors-ebook/dp/B07DMKKM89/


 Extract from Chapter 7.

It catches up with criminal barrister Dan, who’s stormed out of his home after an argument with Kitty and headed to chambers. As you can see, he pretty quickly puts her out of his mind once his flirtatious young pupil
makes an appearance…

Dan climbed the wide stairs leading to his private room in chambers, the thick, red runner
soft beneath his feet. He relished this space with its dark oak panelling, leather chairs and
fabrics in thick, muted tweeds. Everything about it exuded masculine elegance, from the
legal prints that shared wall space with hunting prints, to the vast leather-topped partner’s
He’d earned it through sheer hard work, elbowing his way to the privilege of having a
senior tenant’s room in no time. A dazzling advocate, his reputation attracted much work to
chambers. And it wasn’t unknown for fellow members of the Bar to take a seat in the
public gallery to view his cross-examination of an unwitting defendant in his latest high-
profile case. They would watch, with morbid fascination, as he wormed his way into the
defendant’s mind before savagely tearing them down.
Unfortunately, such viciousness was proving difficult for Dan to shake off with the
removal of his wig and gown in the robing room. Which was why he was still riddled with
it when he returned home.
He walked over to his desk, stroking the worn green leather where he’d spent hours
poring over complicated briefs. Inhaling the scent of beeswax polish that pervaded the air.
Here was where he felt truly at home.
A silver-framed black and white photo caught his eye, and he picked it up. It was of
Kitty and the children, all three of them sat amongst the heather, laughing. Kitty was in the
middle, an arm around each child, with Humphrey — wearing one of his customary grins
— and Ethel at their feet. Dan had taken it in happier times, high up on Great Stangdale
moor above their village. He couldn’t remember when he’d last seen them all looking so
carefree. He quickly flicked away a twinge of unease, before it could take root.
A tapping at his door broke his train of thoughts, ‘Come in.’
Astrid appeared in the doorway, sashayed across to his desk, and all thoughts of his
family were obliterated. He was pleased to see that she was wearing a tight-fitting black
suit with a short skirt. Her crisp, white blouse was buttoned low and struggled to restrain
her generous breasts that jiggled with every step. The outfit was hardly appropriate for the
Bar, and she was the talk of the robing room, but to Dan, she was a welcome distraction.

He savoured the vision as she teetered on her dangerously high heels. ‘Miss Eriksson, how
can I help you?’ he said with a wolfish smile.
‘Well, Mr Fairfax-Bennett.’
‘Well, Dan, I’ve prepared all the documents you need for tomorrow’s conference in
Bewley and Travis and I’ve chased the CPS for the forensic report in Davies, so I was
wondering if there’s anything else I could do for you?’ She smiled suggestively as her gaze
fell to Dan’s mouth.
‘Oh, you do, do you?’ His eyes moved from her lips to her chest. ‘Well, I haven’t got
anything to give you at the moment, but I’m going to be working here quite late tonight,
long after everyone else has gone, so if you want to pop back then, I’m sure I’ll have
thought of something.’
Astrid popped her pen back into her mouth, rolled her tongue around the end, then
sucked it gently. ‘Sounds good.’
It certainly does, he thought, watching her arse wiggle as she walked away.


Author Bio 

I live in a village in the North Yorkshire Moors with my husband, two daughters and two black Labradors. When I’m not writing, I can usually be found with my nose in a book/glued to my Kindle, or in my garden. I also enjoy bracing walks in the countryside, rounded off with a visit to a teashop where I can indulge in another two of my favourite things: tea and cake.

Social Media Links –
Blog: Eliza J Scott – elizajscott.com
Twitter: Eliza J Scott – @ElizaJScott1
Instagram: Eliza J Scott – @elizajscott
Facebook: Eliza J Scott – @elizajscottauthor

Q & A with Eliza J. Scott

Well, it was quite a long time ago – four and a half years, to be precise! – when
I started to write the first draft of this book (though, I can remember it like it
was yesterday). The day I actually sat down in front of my laptop and decided
to get started with the book, I had a pretty clear idea in my mind of what I
wanted it to be. However, when I started writing, a completely different story
emerged, and I’ve no idea how that happened! Ideas just kept flowing, and I
kept on typing! One thing, however, that didn’t change, was the setting; it was
always going to be beautiful North Yorkshire Moors. Actually, make that two
things; it was always going to feature at least one black Labrador!

Ooh, what a fab question! I put an awful lot of thought into the characters for
this book, and I could see them very clearly in my mind’s eye. So, here goes:
KITTY – She’s a really decent person and, despite what she goes through in
the story, she still retains her strong moral values and a well-developed sense
of what’s right and wrong. These are traits she tries to instil into her children,
Lucas and Lily.
OLLIE – He’s my dream man! He’s tall, strong, good-looking and incredibly
kind – the sort that makes you go weak at the knees!
JAMES/JIMBY – I love that he always tries to see the funny side of
everything and likes to make people laugh; he has a happy aura about him.
VIOLET – Her uniqueness and strong sense of identity.
MOLLY – Without doubt, her feistiness
PIP – His laid-back approach to life; he’s the polar-opposite to Molly, his
wife, but they complement each other well, and he loves her to bits.
DAN – Boo! Hiss! He’s my least favourite character! Is there anything
likeable about him? I’m not so sure…
SUB-CHARACTERS – I’ve tried to make these colourful and interesting,
and relevant to the story.
Labrador fan and will always write at least one into my books. I love them for
their loyalty, the friendliness and their upbeat nature – Humph and Eth have
these qualities in bucketloads.

I’m afraid I don’t. I really like peace and quiet so find music a bit distracting.
Sorry, that’s a bit of a boring answer, isn’t it?

A plentiful supply of Yorkshire tea is a must – strong, just a splash of milk and
no sugar. I’m a huge ginger biscuit fiend, and there’s always a smile on my
face if I have a packet of these to hand. Chocolate helps the process and if I’m
on a health kick, a bowl of mixed nuts.

As a small child, pretty much straight after I’d read my first book. I loved that
reading had the power to transport you to another world and I wanted to be
able to do that. So, it was the first thing I ever wanted to be. Of course,
between then and me actually taking it seriously, I’ve wanted to be a whole
variety of things and life, inevitably took over. My plans got pushed further
and further to the back of my mind.

My favourite book of all time is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. It’s just
breath-taking, and I can still remember the feeling I had after I first read it.
Books by contemporary writers? That’s harder because I like so many and my
taste is quite eclectic, but I’d have to include both novels by Joanna Cannon.
The Trouble with Goats and Sheep and There’s Something About Elsie are
definitely classics of the future.
I always enjoy anything by Cathy Bramley; I love the warmth in her writing.
Her last book, Hetty’s Farmhouse Bakery, was particularly delicious. And, as
her covers are always absolutely gorgeous, I’ll always buy the paperback
version – they look so pretty on my bookshelf!
Philipa Gregory writes awesome historical novels and The White Queen –
from her The Cousins’ War Series – is just stunning.
In a Manhattan Minute by Helen J Rolfe is a favourite. Helen is an author
whose books I will always buy as you know you’re guaranteed a great read –
she’s also a lovely person and has helped me a lot on my self-pub journey.
My Summer of Magic Moments by Caroline Roberts was probably my
favourite book of last year. I can’t remember a time when I shed so many tears
(of happiness, laughter, sadness!) while reading a book.

CJ Sansom’s Shardlake series is amazing, and I’ve loved every book. From the
first pages, you’re transported straight back to England in the Tudor times,
which is one of my favourite periods in history. If I had to pick a favourite
book from the series, I’d say it’s Lamentation.
No list would be complete without adding Labyrinth by Kate Mosse.
Unputdownable is the word that springs to mind when I think of this book. It
also started my yearning to visit Carcassonne in France – which features
pretty highly on my wish list.
Phew! That was definitely the hardest question to answer, and I could have
gone on for much longer!



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