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New Review: Beneath the Shine by Lisa Sorbe


Beneath the Shine
by Lisa Sorbe
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Prairie Tales; Book 3 (Standalone)

Thirty-year-old Betsy Kline knows what holds her back. Knows she is the way she is and guards herself the way she does. It took her years, but she finally has the good common sense to know that what happened back then wasn’t her fault. But knowing isn’t enough to stanch the flow of memories that eat away at her dreams like toxic sludge. Nor is it enough to stop the self-loathing that always finds its way in, creeping-creeping-creeping, tainting every decision she makes. 
But life isn’t all bad. She works for a boss she doesn’t despise, has a picture-perfect boyfriend (on the outside, at least), and has the sort of friends her lonely younger self only ever dreamed of having. 
Like Adair McTaggart. Now there’s a best friend if there ever was one. And the fact that he’s a hunk with a sexy Scottish lilt doesn’t hurt, either.
Or maybe it does, because lately Betsy can’t stop fantasizing about him. Can’t keep her heart from stuttering a pathetic little beat in her chest whenever she so much as thinks about him. And when Life throws them together as temporary roommates, those feelings only intensify. Which is the worst thing ever, because he’s too good for her. Sure, she can keep him as a friend. But what would she do if she lost him as a lover?
When you’ve felt wrong for so long, is it possible to ever feel right? And how do you heal the wounds you can’t see?

Christie’s Review


What an emotional, uplifting, and eye-opening read from Lisa Sorbe!

People don’t just wear masks. The majority of humans on this planet wear a shine. An overlay. A simple smile and nod, lips curved up at the edges, their pearly whites flashing. Their cheeks squeeze up, rosy apples begging to be pinched. The soft, barely-there lines around their eyes deepen, as if to prove they’ve done this before, that they smile all.the.time. As if those crinkles aren’t merely cracks in their armor but the actual armor itself.

Betsy may have the biggest shine of all. She is one of the most complicated and complex characters I’ve come across. The amount of growth she accomplishes from the beginning of the book until the end is amazing. She is a different person, and she has put in all the hard work to finally leave her painful past behind and move into her future, chasing the dreams that matter most to her. Lord knows she hasn’t gotten any support or love from the people she shares DNA with! Thankfully, she had Adair and her network of friends. As she said, “Maybe, for some of us, the family we grew up with is not the same we grow old with.” When we’re young, we are given a family, good or bad. But, as adults, we can choose the family we want and deserve!

Oh, Adair, what an amazing man! He is so patient with Betsy. He has loved her for quite a while, hiding his true feelings behind his friendship with her. It will take her a bit longer to realize exactly how she feels about Adair. I just kept hoping she would realize it before it was too late.

One of my favorite parts of a book, as I’ve written in other reviews, is the section about the author or their acknowledgements. It gives me an insight into who the writer is, and many times, their passion for writing shines through. I’ve always felt like there is a difference between a book and a story. Telling a story is what pulls me into a book, playing on my emotions and falling in love with the characters. Sorbe is definitely one heck of a storyteller whose words are pure magic!!!!




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