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Pulse Vampire Omnibus Vol. 1 Books 1-4 by Kailin Gow Blog Tour with Review & Giveaway ($25 Amazon gift card)

PULSE Vampire Series Omnibus Vol. 1 Books 1 – 4
Kailin Gow
Publication date: March 1st 2018
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

This Omnibus contains 4 Full-length Novels in the PULSE Vampire Series, now in development as a Film starting with its Prequel, Mysterious Teacher.

Loved it! Very exciting storyline, can’t wait for the next one…. – Ariana, early 20s.

Pulse is fast paced and intriguing, the story has twists at every turn and the ending leaves you open mouthed and wanting more. Kailin did a wonderful job in creating this vampire world. – Melissa Silva, The Bookshelf

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved vampire books, and this one does not disappoint. – Amy (Books, College, and Other Random Things)

I know that I seem to say the same thing everytime that I review a Kailin book but man can she write, no matter whatever she writes I can never seem to put the book down whenever I pick one up. This has become another one of my favourite Kailin series and I highly recommend it. – Head Stuck in a Book Blog

Hurray for Gow, she made up a powerful character. I recommended this, you are not going to regret. – Astrid A.


17 year-old Kalina didn’t know her boyfriend was a vampire until the night he died of a freak accident. She didn t know he came from a long line of vampires until the night she was visited by his half-brothers Jaegar and Stuart Greystone. There were a lot of secrets her boyfriend didn t tell her. Now she must discover them in order to keep alive. But having two half-brothers vampires around had just gotten interesting….

Kailin Gow is a multiple Award-winning author, film and tv director/producer, and speaker. You can learn more about her at: KailinGow.com.


Christie’s Review


The first book in this series was one of the very first indie books I read years ago, so I was excited to read this set of 4 books! What a read it is!!!

Kalina is 17-years-old when she discovered her boyfriend was a vampire after he died in an accident. She is totally clueless until his half-brothers, Jaegar and Stuart, enter her life. Both brothers are very different, and she will be on a long journey to discover all of their secrets. Along the way, she will discover that she also plays an important role in their world.

Each book in the series gives the readers more clues about the Greystone family. More secrets are revealed as well. While all the adventure is happening, Gow also shows us more of who her characters are as well. Kalina is changing, and she is falling in love, but sometimes she becomes a bit annoying in the romance department. She can’t seem to make up her mind on who it is she loves, especially as more guys play into the story. But, she is only 17, and she has just discovered some secrets not only about those she cares about but herself as well. I can only hope as she matures and grows more into who she is that she will finally make up her mind. Each love interest  have some great qualities. Yes, I’m being vague about exactly who they are as I don’t want to spoil anything, because each one plays a pivotal role in the book!

This isn’t your typical vampire romance. Gow makes it unique as you will see the further you get into the series. She really was one of the first writers who introduced me to the indie writer world, and I’m so thankful I downloaded her first book. She is a very versatile writer, and all of the books I’ve read by her are great reads! Looking forward to reading more in this series. As you will see, this isn’t the end of Kalina’s story!



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Author Bio:

Kailin Gow loves things that are edgy, cool, bright, exciting, hopeful, glittery, and jaw-droppingly awe-inspiring. She loves writing, reading, and filming stories about people whose journeys take them beyond their boundaries – physically, psychologically, intellectually, and emotionally to arrive a point and a place of inspiration and hope. Her works have been recognized by the leaders in the industry in book publishing and entertainment to be “innovative” and “disruptive”, earning her awards from ALA, The IBPA, and festivals.

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  1. I would like to give thanks for all your really great writings, including the Pulse Vampire Omnibus Vol. 1 Books 1-4 collection. I wish the best in keeping up the good work in the future.

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