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DILF Diaries: OH BABY by Stephanie St. Klaire Blog Tour with Review & Giveaway (A surprise book box, including a Kindle!!)

Today we are taking part in the blog tour for DILF DIARIES: OH BABY by Stephanie St. Klaire! This book kicks off a brand new series that you cannot miss! Enter the giveaway below to win a surprise book box, including a Kindle!

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DILF DIARIES: OH BABY by Stephanie St. Klaire

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He likes to find them hot, and leave them wet…

Women are setting their lawns on fire and sticking cats in trees all so they can dial 911 and get a glimpse of Jack Decker’s…hose. When a firefighter looks like he does, it’s no wonder panties are melting, and hearts are ablaze all over the city because he is H-O-T…hot! Jack might put out fires like a regular hero, but it doesn’t stop him from heating up the sheets and letting them smolder.

In a burning twist of fate, Jack finds himself up all night long for an entirely new reason, a reason that’s anything but smoldering. That is until the feisty firecracker next door threatens to ignite a fire he doesn’t know how to battle…Oh Baby!


For a few more days only, enter the RELEASE GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a surprise book box filled with goodies — including a Kindle!


Christie’s Review

5 ++ Reviews

A Top 10 Romantic Comedy of 2018 & An All-Time Favorite Read

Oh my gosh!!!! Stephanie St. Klaire had me under her spell from the very beginning. This is one of my favorite enemies to lovers story. Never have so many characters captured my heart like the ones in this book, from Jules, Jack, and baby Ramsey to Felix and Marty!

The electricity between Juliet, aka Jules, and Jack is evident from the beginning even if it’s hidden behind insults and anger. All that changes one day when a precious baby girl is left on Jack’s doorstep with a birth certificate with him named as her father. Jack has no clue what to do with baby Ramsey. Jules becomes a support system to Jack, and the two even develop a friendship. Still…underneath is that chemistry. The more Jules sees him with Ramsey, and the more she gets to know the real Jack, not the man candy that is popular all over town, the more deeply she starts falling for him. Jack had already fallen for her.

The storyline was fantastic, and St. Klaire really gave me some laughs….Jack’s postpartum blues…hysterical! I felt like with each chapter I got to know something more about Jack and Jules. They certainly aren’t the people they were in the first chapter of the book. And, the secondary characters, especially Marty, just added more to the book. That woman deserves a book of her own!!!! I think you will agree once you read it.

As much as I loved the storyline and the great characters, one thing really jumped out at me that set this book apart from any book I have ever read. The story is told in a third person narrative, yet Jules and Jack’s thoughts were clearly illustrated. It was completely amazing to me. I honestly felt like I was sitting across from Stephanie St. Klaire, and she was telling me this incredible love story about this amazing couple. That really drew me into the book! I felt like I knew all the characters and the author personally. This writer is new to me, but she has blown me away! I can’t wait to read her other books.


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Stephanie St. Klaire is a Pacific Northwest native currently living in Portland, Oregon with her husband, five children, and two ferocious lap dogs that are used to the finer things in life like sleeping all day. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found with a plate full of taco’s, a side of bean dip, and probably some gummy bears while being a little bit hippy and a lot bit busy mom’ing and wife’ing.

When she’s not tossing around gritty crime show inspired serial killers and diabolical bad guys, she likes to make people pee their pants a little with a good romcom. Sometimes, her worlds collide, and she writes really funny stuff right before she kills people off on the pages! She loves murder and mayhem as much as a good laugh and HEA! That’s why she’s a die-hard Hallmark junky but loves her gritty crime shows – balance!

Stephanie has always been a story teller, with the gift of “gab”, and a life-long goal to be a writer. Unfortunate circumstances with her health, finally afforded her the time to do so. Irony at its best, she began writing her first novel at an adverse time, to escape her circumstance and explore the stories in her imagination for relief. She is happy to share those stories with her readers, and bring a little fun, entertainment, and of course smexy characters to the pages.

Follow Stephanie St. Klaire on Social media to learn more about her, how often she really eats taco’s, and to keep up with her work.


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Not So Nice Guy by R.S. Grey Cover Reveal

R.S. Grey’s next romantic comedy, NOT SO NICE GUY, releases August 9th! Check out the cover and find out more about NOT SO NICE GUY below!


About NOT SO NICE GUY (available August 9th)

“Oh my god. Who is that?”

I get asked this question a lot.

“Oh him?” I reply. “That’s just Ian.”

Just Ian is the biggest understatement of the century. Just the Mona Lisa. Just the Taj Mahal. Just Ian, with his boring ol’ washboard abs and dime-a-dozen dimpled smile.

Just Ian is…just my best friend.

We’re extremely close, stuck so deep inside a Jim-and-Pam-style friendzone everyone at work assumes we’re a couple—that is until one day, word spreads through the teacher’s lounge that he’s single. Fair game. Suddenly, it’s open season on Ian.

He should be reveling in all the newfound attention, but to our mutual surprise, the only attention he seems to want is mine.

He’s turning our formerly innocent nightly chats into X-rated phone calls. Our playful banter sports a new, dangerous edge.

I want to assume he’s playing a prank on me, just pushing my buttons like always—but when Ian lifts me onto the desk in my classroom and slides his hands up my skirt, he doesn’t leave a lot of room for confusion.

I’m a little scared of things going south, of losing my best friend because I can’t keep my hands to myself. So, I’m just going to back away and not return this earth-shattering kiss—oh who am I kidding?!

Goodbye Ian, ol’ buddy, ol’ pal!

Helloooo mister not so nice guy.

Add NOT SO NICE GUY to your Goodreads list here!

NOT SO NICE GUY releases August 9th – you’ll be able to preorder your copy for .99c starting August 6th!

Keep an eye on R.S. Grey’s Facebook page for the link!



About R.S. Grey

R.S. Grey is the USA Today bestselling author of thirteen novels, including THE FOXE & THE HOUND. She lives in Texas with her husband and two dogs, and can be found reading, binge-watching reality TV, or practicing yoga! Visit her at rsgrey.com

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Beyond the Pine by Kate Benson Book Blitz with Review

Title: Beyond the Pine
Author: Kate Benson
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Designer: SBenson Designs
Watch and pray that you may not enter temptation…
What if in one moment, you find out your life-your entire existence was a lie?
When rogue, nomad biker Asher Reed finds himself on the side of the road injured from an accident, he assumes he’s taken his final ride. Waking days later in an infirmary located within a secret, religious compound, his first impulse is to run. His church had always been the road, and he, the last man who should be among the faithful. When his raven-haired caretaker appears, his instincts and everything he once believed in diminishes, leaving only temptation.
The spirit indeed is willing…
Riley Chapman had long ago resigned herself to a life of order, reverence, and duty. Her coveted role as assistant to the Reverend should be enough to keep her happy, content with her life. Her whole life she wondered about what was on the other side of the tree line she’d always been told would keep her safe.
What if she wasn’t safe anymore?
But the flesh is weak.
When a chance encounter pulls Asher and Riley together and temptation is too much to resist, how can they keep their dangerous secret?
In a place where secrets are sins and the trustworthy can’t be trusted, who will they turn to in search of salvation?

Christie’s Review


“What do you want, Riley?” “To belong to you,” I admit shamelessly, returning his kiss as I slowly back into the empty stall behind us. “Even if, it’s just once, meant only for this moment, Asher. I want to be yours.”

I begin this review by saying Beyond the Pine is one of those rare, beautiful books that makes writing a review difficult. I’m not sure I have the adequate words to illustrate how moving, beautiful, and magical it truly is.

It’s a story about opposites…dark vs. light, good versus evil, tolerance vs. intolerance, and two characters who are polar opposites and come from two very different worlds. Riley is part of an isolated, religious community. Asher is the biker who never stays in one place too long until he literally crashes into Riley’s world. From their first meeting, there is a pull between the two. However, they aren’t supposed to be together, but that pull is unstoppable, despite their differences. Their love is a forbidden one as Riley’s life is determined for her by the reverend in charge of the community, and he rules his flock with an iron rod. People who defy him suffer. But, can he stop two lovers who seem destined by fate to be together? As they grow closer, lies and secrets will be exposed that will place both of them in danger.

This book is very different from the romances Benson usually writes, but you can’t compare them. They are equally awesome in their own unique ways. Readers who read this one will see just how much Benson has grown as a writer. Her descriptive writing engages all of your senses. I could clearly see the characters and the village. I could hear and feel the breezes blowing through the pines. I could feel the joy and pain of both Asher and Riley. In addition, the evil characters creeped me out and made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. At times, the book read like poetry which made it magical. I love when writers break out of their normal stories and write something completely different. Benson has done this flawlessly, and it just proves what a talented and versatile writer she has become.


Kate Benson was raised in Texas and currently resides in central Florida with her husband and their growing army of fur minions.

She learned to read at the age of four and has been hooked ever since. She credits her passion for literature to her mother, her love of story-telling to her father and her unwavering faith in happily-ever-after’s to her husband, Sean.

Some of her favorite things include rainy days, loud music, superhero movies, hot tea and of course, lazy afternoons with a great book.

To find out more about Kate, her work or to just say hello, she loves hearing from her readers and can be found on social media.

Author Links:
Benson’s Book Babes (Fan Club/Readers Group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/PromiseSeriesSupportGroup/
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Love Machine by Kendall Ryan Release Blitz




A best-friends-to-lovers standalone romance from New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan.

She says she needs some help … in the bedroom.

Come again? No, really come again.

Sweet, nerdy, lovable Keaton.

She’s my best friend and has been for years. Sure she likes numbers and math, and thinks doing other people’s taxes is fun. And I like … none of that stuff. She’s obsessed with her cat and reads novels I’ll never understand, and yet we just click. There’s no one I’d rather share breakfast burritos with or binge watch hours Netflix. She’s my person. And so when she takes off her glasses and asks me to help her improve her skills in the bedroom, I barely have to think about it.

Of course I’ll help her. There’s no one better for the job.

I’ve been there for her through everything, why should this be any different?

But what happens when she’s ready to take her new-found confidence and move on?




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A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 1.5 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. She’s a traditionally published author with Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins UK, as well as an independently published author. Since she first began self-publishing in 2012, she’s appeared at #1 on Barnes & Noble and iBooks charts around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine.

Visit her at: www.kendallryanbooks.com for the latest book news, and fun extras

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