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Infinite (A Carolina Beach Novel, #3) by Cecy Robson Blog Tour with Review & Giveaway


by Cecy Robson
A Carolina Beach Novel, #3
Publication Date: August 15, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Standalone



Hale Wilder, aka the Anaconda of Wall Street, spent his childhood fighting to be the best to win his father’s love. He was the best student and the best athlete, who grew into a successful businessman and took the finance world by storm. Want to retire before you’re forty-five? He’s got you. Need your millions to be billions? He’s your man.

Young, rich, and powerful, Hale was unstoppable, until a company scandal destroys his reputation and threatens to bring down everything he’s bled for.

Becca Shields is the kickass public relations goddess spinning scandals to gold and launching has-beens into superstardom. She never expected to see Hale again—not following the humiliating night when her family caught them on the beach, barely clothed.

When Becca discovers Hale is in trouble, she can’t turn her back on the boy who was once her world and the man she never forgot.

Hale never thought he’d have another shot at greatness or with Becca. Now that he has both, he won’t let either go without a fight.

*NOTE* Although a part of a series, INFINITE can be read as a complete STANDALONE and features a new couple!


Christie’s Review


Somehow Cecy Robson weaved together a second chance/friends to lovers romance to give her readers a beautiful book full of emotion!!!

From the very beginning, I knew this one would capture my heart, and it did. My heart broke for Becca and Hale within the first few pages of this book. The two had been friends almost their entire lives. Hale knew what Becca had to endure at home, and he tried his best to be her friend and protector. On the eve of them starting their lives as adults, Becca finally got her nerve up to show Hale that she loved him much more than a friend, but tragically that was yanked away from them. Becca had to choose which path her life would take, and unfortunately, it would be a life without Hale.

Fast forward years later, and both of them have successful lives…he is dubbed the “Anaconda of Wall Street,” and she is a PR queen who can turn anyone’s reputation around. The two have seen each other since that painful night, but misunderstandings and misconceptions have continued to keep them apart. Now, with Hale in big legal trouble, Becca will do whatever she has to do to help him. This could be the chance they have been waiting for.

Hale and Becca grabbed ahold of my heartstrings from the beginning of this book. Both are such good people who definitely deserve one another. I was devastated when they were torn apart. But, fate had other plans for them then. That night so long ago, Becca didn’t choose her family or Hale, she chose herself. That takes AMAZING courage! Every success she has ever obtained was from her own hard work. She epitomizes independence and tenacity!

Honestly, Hale is a lot like Becca. He worked hard for his success as well. He will have to depend on that strength to get him through this hard time, along with Becca and their friends.

As in all of Robson’s books, she creates a great cast of secondary characters who play an important role in the story. She gives her readers just enough about them to pique our interest, and thankfully includes some of them in future books of the series.

I have long been a fan of Cecy Robson. Her romances are always so much more than just romances. They are full of emotion…she can break my heart and make me cry tears of sadness, and then she miraculously pieces my heart back together, making me cry tears of joy! I always know that no matter what she writes she will have my heart and soul, and this book was no exception! As always, I’m eagerly anticipating what book will be next!




INSEVERABLE (A Carolina Beach Novel, #1)

(#FREE) Amazon: https://amzn.to/2mbSQdv
(#FREE) Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2LdSWw0
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ETERNAL (A Carolina Beach Novel, #2)



Cecy Robson is an author of contemporary and new adult romance, young adult adventure, and award-winning urban fantasy. A double-nominated RITA® Finalist, Winner of the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, and published author of more than twenty titles, you can typically find Cecy on her laptop or stumbling blindly in search of caffeine.

Connect with Cecy online:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Newsletter | Goodreads | Amazon Author Profile | Bookbub | Instagram


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Peony Red (The Granite Harbor Series Book 1) by J. Lynn Bailey Blog Tour with Review & Giveaway ($25 Sephora Giftcard)

It’s blog tour for J. Lynn Bailey’s PEONY RED. Check it out and grab your copy today!

Title: Peony Red

Author: J. Lynn Bailey

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Peony Red:

Alex Fisher hasn’t been able to find her stride since the death of her husband three years ago. She’s out of a job, out of time, and running on fumes. So, when she receives two postcards from Granite Harbor, Maine, inviting her for a visit, she takes it as a sign for a start fresh.

For game warden Eli Young, life is simpler when he’s exploring the back roads of Maine. In the north woods, he doesn’t have to deal with town politics or his soon-to-be ex-wife.

When Alex makes Eli an offer he can’t refuse, he should say no. He should walk away. Except he can’t. Something about her leaves him tangled.

A dark storm is brewing in the small coastal town, and everyone is on edge when word spreads quickly about a young woman who has gone missing.

When a picture of Alex shows up at a gruesome scene, no one is prepared for what will happen next.

Eli wants to save Alex, but she has to save herself.

The question isn’t, Can she? It’s, Will she?

Christie’s Review


What a perfect combination of romance, suspense, and even inspiration!!!

Alex lost her husband several years ago, and she can’t seem to find her way out of the darkness of her grief. On top of that, her father is slowly deteriorating from Alzheimer’s Disease. When she receives mysterious cards in her dead husband’s handwriting beckoning her to come to Granite Falls, Maine, she begins to think this may be her answer. She finally agrees to go for just a short while when her best friend and mother push her.

Eli is a game warden in the small town of Granite Falls, dealing with his own issues, when he notices the beautiful new visitor in town. He knows he needs to leave her alone, but something keeps pulling him towards her.

You might think that is where the story starts, but actually the “real” story began at the beginning of the book, and it is all connected, even Eli and Alex are connected into this suspenseful novel. Someone behind the scenes is manipulating everything with a thirst for vengeance and full of hate. Eli and Alex will soon find themselves right in the middle of it.

It is very rare that a romantic suspense can pull at my heart like this one did. Mostly, I’m caught up in the romance and  the suspense driving the novel. But, J. Lynn Bailey really involved my heart in this one. Alex is a broken woman after losing her husband….she is caught in the darkness of despair and grief. Now, she is grieving the slow loss of her father. Everywhere she turns in town, she is caught in a memory of her husband, Kyle. She is a romance writer, and she has lost all her ability to write, and she wrote beautiful, sexy, and inspiring romances. I admired her for her ability to start over somewhere else to rediscover herself as not only a writer but who she was as a person.

Eli, himself, is grieving the loss of a relationship but for different reasons. In his town, he is also faced with memories, but with the arrival of Alex, he finds hope again. He really is a good guy, and he and Alex deserve their own HEA.

As I wrote earlier, the suspense started from the very first few pages, and I am amazed how Bailey interweaved it into this romance. It kept me guessing, and I had no idea who the villain was until she finally revealed who it was.

It isn’t often that a writer can combine a riveting suspense, a sexy romance, and create such a hopeful book without losing something in the story.  That is not the case for J. Lynn Bailey. She was able to give her readers one heck of a read! I’m looking forward to the next one in the series!!!!

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About the Author:

J. Lynn Bailey has loved to write since she learned to read, around the second grade. When she isn’t running after her children, watching COPS, or on the hunt for her next Laffy Taffy joke, you can probably find her holed up in her writing room feverishly working on her next book. She lives in Northern California with her family.

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | My Website

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The Cottage on Lily Pond Lane-Part Four: Trick or Treat by Emily Harvale Blog Tour with Review

Trick or Treat

The Cottage on Lily Pond Lane~Part Four: Trick or Treat 

by Emily Harvale

Mia Ward was amazed to inherit her great-aunt Matilda’s thatched cottage in the tiny seaside village of Little Pondale – especially as Mia didn’t know she had a great-aunt Matilda. She was even more astonished to discover she’d only inherit the place if she lives there for a year. 

But a lot can happen in a very short time, and life in Little Pondale is not going quite as Mia hoped. She may have finally beaten one fear, but now heartbreak threatens to drown her.

And when at last, she starts to unravel the mystery of Matilda’s past, she uncovers an extraordinary plan for her own future. Now just who can Mia trust? 

As the nights draw in and cold winds steal through Sunbeam Cottage, she turns to an unlikely source for comfort and support. But with the fortune teller’s warning still ringing in her ears, is Mia about to make the biggest mistake of her life?

Christie’s Review


I have to say this is the best installment yet in the series! More secrets about Mattie’s story are revealed.  Readers also get to catch up what’s going on in Mia’s love life and where the fortune teller fits in! There is also a hint of danger….

I have been a fan of this series from the beginning. Everything about it is good, the writing, the character development, and the setting. I love how each time I return to the village the seasons have changed. I feel like I’m right there, and I loved that this one happened to take place at Halloween. Mia’s love life seems to change with each book as well, but I like that. She is looking for her Mr. Right, and she should never settle for just any man. However, my favorite thing about this book was the insight into Mattie. It is quite a feat for a writer to make a character into such an integral part of the plot of not only a book but, in this case a series, who is no longer living. Yes, the series is centered around Mia, but in my opinion, the series is also very much centered around Mattie. It is her actions that drive the series!!!! That is AMAZING!!!!!!

If all that wasn’t enough to make this such a great book, Harvale has one heck of a twist in store for her readers at the end of the book! If you like a book with great characters, a great storyline with romance and mystery, look no further than The Cottage on Lily Pond Lane. If you are like me, you will be ready to return as soon as you have finished the last page.

Purchase from http://newbook.at/Trickortreat  

Lily Pond Lane Trick or treat-NEW-VAL-DAVID-3 JULY (1)


Author Bio

EPSON scanner image 


Having lived and worked in London for several years, Emily returned to her home town of Hastings where she now spends her days writing… and chatting on social media. Emily is a Member of the SoA, a PAN member of the RWA and a Pro Member of ALLi. She’s an Amazon bestseller and a Kindle All Star. Emily loves writing and her stories are sure to bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart.

Emily says, “I write about friendship, family and falling in love. I believe in happing endings.” When she isn’t writing, she can be found enjoying the stunning East Sussex coast and countryside, or in a wine bar with friends, discussing life, love and the latest TV shows. Chocolate cake is often eaten. She dislikes housework almost as much as she dislikes anchovies – and will do anything to avoid both.

Social Media Links –  





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