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Dear Mr. Pop Star by Derek & Dave Philpott Book Tour with Review

Dear Mr. Pop Star


For more than a decade, Derek Philpott and his son, Dave, have been writing to pop stars from the 1960s to the 90s to take issue with the lyrics of some of their best-known songs.

But then, to their great surprise, the pop stars started writing back…

Dear Mr Pop Star contains 100 of Derek and Dave’s greatest hits, including correspondence with Katrina and the Waves, Tears for Fears, Squeeze, The Housemartins, Suzi Quatro, Devo, Deep Purple, Nik Kershaw, T Pau, Human League, Eurythmics, Wang Chung, EMF, Mott the Hoople, Heaven 17, Jesus Jones, Johnny Hates Jazz, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, Chesney Hawkes and many, many more.

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Christie’s Review


Dear Mr. Pop Star was a clever, enjoyable, and funny book perfect for any music fan! The synopsis itself caught my attention. While I read mostly fiction, I was really looking forward to reading this one, and it didn’t disappoint!

I wasn’t familiar with every musician or band, but all the letters were entertaining. It was very interesting to realize that some of the songs weren’t really about what I thought. This was illustrated in the responses from “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears, which was probably the most humorous, and “My Sharona” by The Knack. I remember both of these songs very well.

One of my all-time favorite letters back to the Philpott’s was from Nu Shooz having to do with the line “tell me what’s on your mind.” The response was ingenious and hilarious. A list was sent back with 10 random questions which included: How the existence of the Easter Bunny was possible? Why is there an extra “D” in Wednesday? That one had me laughing for a while!

Not only were letters included with the responses, but I also enjoyed the notes included to band//musicians without their responses in postcard illustrations.

Any fan of music would really enjoy this collection. It can be read very quickly, and it would make the perfect gift for any occasion.

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Meet the Authors:

Derek and Dave Philpott are the nom de plumes of two ordinary members of the public, working with help from a small family and, crucially, a worldwide social networking community. Neither they, or anybody assisting with the creative aspects of this project had any connections with the music, entertainment, media or publishing industries whatsoever at the time of its commencement. Despite these humble origins, however, they now find themselves in the bizarre but enviable position whereby many pop stars and people within these circles are their friends “in real life’” (whatever that means!). Many artists consider “getting a Dereking” as a badge of honour, and, as one has participant succinctly put it-
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