New Review: Rats, Mice, And Other Things You Can’t Take to The Bank by Leslie Handler

6 Oct

Rats, Mice, and Other Things You Can't Take to the Bank (1)

Rats, Mice, and Other Things You Can’t Take to the Bank

by Leslie Handler


About the book:

Part memoir, part essay collection, Rats, Mice, and Other Things You Can’t Take to the Bank is written with both wit and charm. It will take you on a ride from finding a mouse in the house to the mortgage crisis, from a smile to a chuckle and from a few tears to the feeling of being wrapped in a blanket sipping a warm cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s day. Handler offers a rich, touching, heartfelt and reflective read that will leave the reader with an indelible uplifting spirit.

Christie’s Review


What a great collection of essays about life!!!!

Handler has written a book that is part memoir and a collection of essays. She grabbed not only my mind but my heart in her introduction. Life is full of ups and downs as she illustrates in her writings. Some of those she shared made me laugh, and some of them made me cry. She wrote of marriage, parenthood, dating, family, motherhood, and life in general.

Her enduring love story with her husband was inspirational. She made it clear that her marriage isn’t perfect, but their commitment to each other is what got them through their hard times, such as 9/11, Super Storm Sandy, and cancer.

She is honest in her commentary about life…one of my favorites, “Stupid Things,” and aging. However, my favorite was “To Young People.” It’s great advice for not only younger people but older people as well. As she says, we should all practice kindness, moderation, and passion in life. “Whatever your choices are, if you practice these three things, your regrets will be small and your successes will not only be abundant, but they will come from your heart.” Thank you, Leslie Handler, for giving your readers a wonderful, thought-provoking, and emotional read!

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About Leslie Handler


Leslie is a Society of Newspaper Columnists award winner as well as a Gold eLit award winner. She’s an international syndicated columnist with Senior Wire News Service and a frequent contributor to WHYY and CityWide Stories. She freelances for The Philadelphia Inquirer, ZestNow, and Boomercafe, as well as blogs for HuffPost. NY Times Bestselling author Jenny Lawson says right on the cover of Leslie’s book, Rats, Mice, and Other Things You Can’t Take to the Bank, that you should “read this book.” Leslie currently lives smack dab between Philadelphia and New York City with husband Marty, dogs Maggie, Hazel, and Ginger, a collection of fish, said husband’s cockatoo who she’s been trying to roast for dinner for the last 33 years, and a few occasional uninvited guests. You may follow her blog, read previously published essays, and listen in on recently aired radio and podcast interviews at:
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