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New Review: Looking to Score by CoraLee June & Carrie Gray


Looking to Score by CoraLee June and Carrie Gray is LIVE and FREE with KU!

Looking to Score is like the book equivalent of comfort food- goes down easy and leaves you feeling full and content. This book is funny, charming, heart-warming, insanely clever, and JUST what we need. I simply LOVED it and could not put it down.” ~The Romantic Rush Blog

He’s like literally the worst.

Oakley Davis is the star running back at our University, and the reason I’ve broken my vow to avoid the college party scene. Thanks to a mixup with my advisor, I’m now serving my Public Relations internship as a glorified babysitter to the party-hard football players.

Specifically, Oakley.

He’s impossible to manage. His Instagram is full of half-naked, drunk photos and he’d rather attend parties than practice. His brand needs some serious work, and when he’s not driving me insane, he’s sleeping his way through the entire female population.

But I’m determined. I have plans to graduate a semester early and nothing or no one will get in my way. I’m a Virgo, after all. Oakley Davis might be a privileged, cocky, football star, but I’m Amanda Matthews; and I’ll do whatever it takes to get my A.

I have to make sure I don’t end up falling in love with the idiot, first.

Christie’s Review


Oh my gosh…this is an addicting read!!! I spent another late night finishing another great book! Not only was it a fantastic romance full of chemistry and swoonworthy moments, it was also a story about second chances and learning from your mistakes. 

“We can’t give our mistakes all our energy forever.” ~Amanda’s  mother~

Amanda has worked hard the past year to make changes to her life, and she is determined to get her A, her internship, and finish college early. Too bad the internship she was hoping for fell through and now she is stuck with Oakley Davis, the running back for the football team and a local celebrity. He is also trouble with a capital “T.” It  will take everything she has to clean up his image.

Oakley was a man you noticed whenever you walked into the room. He commanded it. 

“It wasn’t his signature dark hair or the way he towered over everyone else that made him stand out–though his classically handsome appearance helped–it was his very essence, his energy. He had this carefree power about him that was intoxicating to watch.” ~Amanda~

Despite the charisma and good looks, he also had a huge ego. The way girls fell all over him just fanned that flame. Amanda is determined not to fall under his spell, despite the butterflies he gives her. She has a job to do, and she plans on doing it! As she gets to know a softer side to him, her job becomes even harder. In addition to his sex appeal and sense of humor, she discovers he is also an expert flower arranger….who in the world could resist that?????

When Oakley first sees Amanda, he isn’t impressed, especially when she takes over all of his social media accounts. He sees her as uptight with no idea of what fun is! The way he pushes her buttons had me laughing hysterically!!! She realizes that there is more to Oakley than meets the eye, and he realizes she does have a heart beating in that uptight body. I enjoyed watching them become friends as they fell in love with each other. 

Both of them have made mistakes in their past, and each is doing what they can to learn from it and move forward. Oakley showed Amanda that she is a worthy person, beautiful both inside and out, and he helped her find self-confidence in herself. He also helped her relax and find the fun in life again. In turn, she showed him that she loved him because of who he was as a person, not the star football player. It was one of those books that just made me sigh in delight when I finished the last page. 

These two writers are new to me, and I am so glad I discovered them. I can’t wait to read more from the both of them. 


Start reading today!

Amazon: https://books2read.com/u/bpORMW

Goodreads: https://bit.ly/LTS-GR



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Coralee June is an international bestselling romance writer who enjoys engaging projects and developing real, raw, and relatable characters. She is an English major from Texas State University and has had an intense interest in literature since her youth. She currently resides with her husband and two daughters in Dallas, Texas, where she enjoys long walks through the ice-cream aisle at her local grocery store.

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Website: www.authorcoraleejune.com

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I have always loved to read. In kindergarten, I was the weird kid sitting in the reading nook by myself instead of trying to get more snacks. I’m excited to be putting my own voice on the page and watching a story I helped create come to life. I still love to read, but I also really like snacks.

I grew up in Chicago but recently moved back to the Dallas area where I live with my husband and son.

I have my Bachelor of Science in Biology. I spent a year researching chimpanzees and gorillas while I was in Chicago and then I spent another two months on a chimpanzee sanctuary trying to convince headstrong chimps to cooperate. Pro tip – grapes are a pretty hot bargaining tool. They work wonders with my toddler too.

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New Audio Review: What the Elf (The Cringle Cove Christmas Chronicles) by Kate Benson

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What the Elf? (Cringle Cove Christmas Chronicles)

by Kate Benson


About the Book 


After my sister and I lost our parents, life has been up in the air.
The only thing we’ve been able to hold onto is our pact to spend every Christmas together, avoiding it like the plague.
That’s exactly what I’m doing when a deliciously dimpled man introduces himself the first day I arrive in Cringle Cove.
There’s nothing wrong with making a friend, right?
Until our easy friendship turns into a hellacious crush and a favor bred from nightmares.
For the first time ever, I’d kill for a Christmas miracle.

For someone who loves everything about the holidays, mine are sure getting off to a terrible start.
The worst part?
I promised my ex I wouldn’t tell a soul we’d ended things until we’re far away from Cringle Cove.
At least I’m in the most festive town in the country.
If everything else goes to hell this week, I’ve got that.
I’m hiding out in a coffee shop when I see Abby.
She’s awkward, sarcastic, and obviously miserable here.
I’ve never wanted anyone more.
Keep a promise to your ex in exchange for a happy holiday?
What the elf was I thinking?

What the Elf? is a multi-POV standalone with content intended for mature readers.

Christie’s Review


Super sweet Christmas read that can be read/listened to at any time of the year!!!!

Yes, I know it’s May, but this was the perfect, uplifting read/listen during this strange time we are in now! Abby and her sister are twins and have been even more inseparable since losing their parents years ago. They go to Cringle Cove (LOVE the name of the little town) every year, even though Abby hates Christmas. Every year is the same, binge-watching slasher movies instead of Christmas ones. This year will be different for her even if she doesn’t know it when a handsome stranger introduces himself in a cafe. 

Dex is the complete opposite of Abby. He loves the holidays, but this year it is hard for him to muster his usual jolly self. He has just promised his ex he will not reveal to her parents that the two are not in fact together. Every second he spends with her and them, it gets harder. He finds refuge in a cafe where a beautiful but strange girl captures his attention. He finds that the two share a similar taste in writers. Thus, begins a morning ritual that turns to friendship to a pretty serious crush!!!

The story itself is sweet with some sexy moments hidden in there. I ADORED both Abby and Dex. They really complemented each other. She would come to see Christmas through Dex’s eyes, although it might not completely make her fall in love with the holiday. The relationship between Abby and her sister was so special. Despite the story being short, Kate Benson left nothing out. 

I loved the narrator, Jillian Yetter. She is a new narrator to me, and I thought she did an excellent job. When a book is told in dual POVs, with male and female characters, I usually prefer both a male and female narrator. However, Yetter was perfect. She did an excellent job of capturing the essence of the book and the characters. 

Like I said, this is a book listened to at any time of the year. It is short and sweet, with great characters, and is an excellent pick-me-up!!!!

Purchase Links


Amazon Kindle:  https://amzn.to/3fsg75k

Audible:  https://adbl.co/3biyRAX

***Also available on Kindle Unlimited***


Meet the Author


Kate Benson was raised in Texas and currently resides in central Florida with her husband and their growing army of fur minions.

She learned to read at the age of four and has been hooked ever since. She credits her passion for literature to her mother, her love of story-telling to her father and her unwavering faith in happily-ever-after’s to her husband, Sean.
Some of her favorite things include rainy days, loud music, superhero movies, hot tea and of course, lazy afternoons with a great book.
To find out more about Kate, her work or to just say hello, she loves hearing from her readers and can be found on social media.


Author Links:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HilBz1

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7391945.Kate_Benson

Facebook: www.facebook.com/katebensonauthor/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Katebensonauthr

Instagram: www.instagram.com/katebensonauthor/

Benson’s Book Babes (Fan Club/Readers Group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/PromiseSeriesSupportGroup/

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/kate-benson

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/dr9kZD