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Parallel (Parallel #1) by Elizabeth O’Roark Release Blast with Review


Time is a cruel thief…unless you can steal it back.
As a neurologist, Nick Reilly believes everything can be
explained by science.
But he can’t explain her—Quinn Stewart, an irresistible
patient who knows things about him she shouldn’t. And insists that at some
point, she was his wife.
Something else he can’t explain: he remembers her too.
Quinn wakes each morning remembering new details of the life
they shared—and she’s desperate for the dreams to stop. Because with each one,
she finds herself craving what she had with Nick more than the life—and the
fiancé—she already has.
Nick and Quinn share an attraction neither can deny, but one
that might destroy everything.
Just like it did before.
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Top Read of 2019
All-Time Favorite Read

Parallel is described as “a second-chance romance unlike anything you have ever read.” That statement doesn’t even scratch the surface. This is my favorite book so far of 2019!!!!
From the very first page, my mind was completely engaged! Quinn has been having dreams about a man named Nick since she was a child. Her mother did everything she could to explain the strange occurrences away, so Quinn did what she could do forget about it and never mention it. Now, Quinn is engaged to Jeff, and she is only weeks away from saying, “I do.” Something about being at her wedding site brings on a sense of deja vu and a blackout, and it is only the beginning of a journey that will change the course of her life, especially when she realizes Nick isn’t an imaginary figure in her dreams, but he is very much a real person. This, my fellow readers, is where the plot thickens, and boy does it thicken!
Quinn isn’t the only one who has been having dreams. Nick is equally disturbed when he realizes Quinn is the woman in his dreams too. The two of them have such a deep connection, and it tugged at my heart, especially in the flashbacks of Quinn and Nick’s prior lives together.  I felt like both of them were just sort of drifting through their lives, and they only woke up when they found each other. Nick could never commit to anyone, and Quinn gave up her dreams. Now, the future seems to be open for them. However, there are twists and turns throughout the book that will make it hard, if not impossible to get their HEA.
Elizabeth O’Roark’s writing is mesmerizing. She has this uncanny and amazing talent of pulling you heart and soul into the story! I was so sad when the book ended just as I felt like the story of Nick and Quinn was just beginning. It was incredible, and it is unlike anything I have ever read. I cannot wait for the conclusion which releases at the end of the month!!!!





The stunning conclusion to Parallel.

Someone has torn them apart in the past, and she plans to do it again…

As Nick and Quinn piece together the truth about the life they once shared, they discover it was much deeper and darker than they ever imagined. In order to keep history from repeating, Quinn will need to master her unusual gifts—but that means admitting to herself and to Nick why she stopped using them in the first place.

He may never forgive her when he learns the truth, but Quinn is running out of options—because the clock is ticking, and it’s no longer just her life that hangs in the balance. 

Elizabeth O’Roark lives in
Washington, DC with her 3 children. After many years spent writing
scintillating brochures about amniocentesis and heart surgery, she is thrilled
to have found a job that allows her to just make s*** up.


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Reflected Destinies by Florence Keeling Blog Tour with Review

Reflected Destinies

Reflected Destinies

by Florence Keeling



Laura is happy and content, she has a new boyfriend and loves her job teaching primary school pupils in London.  But when she inherits a rundown house from a stranger on her 30th birthday, memories of her prom night come flooding back, memories of a scary encounter and an antique mirror in the very same house.

Laura visits the house with all its secrets and as she unravels the clues she reveals the biggest secret of all: her own destiny.  But how can you change the future if it’s already written in the past?


Christie’s Review


Reflected Destinies was a very clever, original time travel romance. The storyline kept my attention from the beginning until the end.

The author sets the tone of the story within the first few pages of the book, and the mystery just deepened from there. Laura lives a pretty normal life with a great boyfriend and a great job, but things aren’t always the way the appear. Laura discovers that when she inherits a neglected, dilapidated home from a stranger. This house was the same house in which she had a scary encounter as a teenager. However, she goes forward with the renovations, not knowing how much her life is getting ready to change.

The romance is sweet and emotional. It proves that some love stories never die as is the case between Laura and Ben. I don’t want to go into great detail as it might ruin the plot of the book. As much as this is a romance, it’s somewhat as a mystery as well.

This is a very well-written book and especially for a first time writer. Her characters are very well-developed and complex. The story itself has a lot of twists, especially at the end…it’s a bit of a mindbender. The title itself is clever and perfect as you will see once you read the book. I’m excited to see what Florence Keeling has in store for her fans next.


Purchase Linkhttp://mybook.to/reflecteddestinies


About Florence Keeling

Florence Keeling adopted for her pen-name her Great Grandmother’s name, chosen because of the shared birthday of April Fool’s Day.  She is married with two teenage chidren.  Born and raised in Coventry, England she now lives just outside in Nuneaton.  Reflected Destinies is her first novel.

Florence Keeling also writes for children under the name of Lily Mae Walters.

Social Links

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/florence.keeling.7

Twitter – https://twitter.com/KeelingFlorence

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/florence.keeling/


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The Last Plantagenet? by Jennifer C. Wilson Book Blitz with Review

The Last Plantaganent

The Last Plantagenet?

by Jennifer C. Wilson



The fireplace hadn’t looked like a time-portal.
All Kate had wanted was a fun, relaxing day out, watching the knights jousting at Nottingham Castle. What she ended up with was something quite different.
Transported in a heartbeat from 2011 to 1485, how will Kate handle life at the Ricardian court? Even more importantly, how will she cope when she catches the eye of the king himself?

Christie’s Review


I found The Last Plantagenet? by Jennifer C. Wilson to be quite enjoyable. It’s part historical romance and part time travel, a really good combination of the two genres.

Kate was at Nottingham Castle watching a re-enactment of the War of the Roses when she is pulled into a time portal of sorts and finds herself as a server in King Richard III’s household. If that wasn’t enough, the King himself has taken notice of her. She soon finds herself falling for him as they spend more time together.

I enjoyed the whole romance between the two of them, and I liked that Wilson showed us another part of Richard, one not like the one depicted in history books.  Much of who Richard was rumors, at least in this book. Some would argue it isn’t true, but this is fiction. I liked seeing the softer side to him. The ending has a bit of a twist, and I like when writers throw something in I wasn’t expecting.

My only wish for this book was that it was a bit longer. It is a love story I could see myself completely wrapped up in, so I was hoping for a longer story. However, I did enjoy it, and it was a great way for this Plantagenet/Tudor fan to spend the afternoon.

Purchase Link 



The last plantagenet-FinalCover-jcw small for 3d


Author Bio 

The Last Plantagenet - JenniferCWilson-NewPhotoJan2018

 Jennifer is a marine biologist by training, who developed an equal passion for history whilst stalking Mary, Queen of Scots of childhood holidays (she since moved on to Richard III). She completed her BSc and MSc at the University of Hull, and has worked as a marine environmental consultant since graduating.

Enrolling on an adult education workshop on her return to the north-east reignited Jennifer’s pastime of creative writing, and she has been filling notebooks ever since. In 2014, Jennifer won the Story Tyne short story competition, and also continues to work on developing her poetic voice, reading at a number of events, and with several pieces available online. Her Kindred Spirits novels are published by Crooked Cat Books and available via Amazon.

Social Media Links





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The Museum of Mysteries (A Cassiopeia Vitt Adventure) by Steve Berry & M.J. Rose Review & Excerpt Tour


Cassiopeia Vitt takes center stage in this exciting novella from New York Times bestsellers M.J. Rose and Steve Berry. THE MUSEUM OF MYSTERIES is now available! Check out the tour below, and pick up your copy of THE MUSEUM OF MYSTERIES today!



In the French mountain village of Eze, Cassiopeia visits an old friend who owns and operates the fabled Museum of Mysteries, a secretive place of the odd and arcane. When a robbery occurs at the museum, Cassiopeia gives chase to the thief and is plunged into a firestorm.

Through a mix of modern day intrigue and ancient alchemy, Cassiopeia is propelled back and forth through time, the inexplicable journeys leading her into a hotly contested French presidential election. Both candidates harbor secrets they would prefer to keep quiet, but an ancient potion could make that impossible. With intrigue that begins in southern France and ends in a chase across the streets of Paris, this magical, fast-paced, hold-your-breath thriller is all you’ve come to expect from M.J. Rose and Steve Berry.




I closed the drawer. “This is extraordinary.”

“It is. But don’t uncork any of the bottles. Oddly, the scents are still potent. Five years ago we were doing research on them when the box disappeared. Then, as we now know, it found its way into the auction.” He pointed to one. “I can attest to the fact that this bottle contains fumes with some kind of hallucinogenic properties. I experienced a wild vision when I made the mistake of taking a sniff.”

Something about the box, the stones on top, the thick glass bottles, the iron corners, even the drawer, gave me pause. As if it were familiar, yet not. The feeling had started back in the shop, before the theft, while it had sat on the counter. There’d been no time to explore those feelings before all the excitement intervened.

But now—

A thought raced through my brain.

Somehow I knew that there should be vellum labels affixed to the bottom of each bottle. How? Why? I had no idea. Only that it was true. I gently touched one of them, then stopped and looked at Antoine. “May I take it out, if I don’t open it?”

He nodded.

I had to see if I was right.

I lifted out the bottle. Underneath was a label. Discolored and deteriorated with age. A word, written in a sepia script, had faded but could still be read.


I replaced the bottle and reached for another.

Even before I lifted it out I knew that under it would be Diospyros.

And I was right.

I removed a third, but before I could peek beneath it I heard the grating sound of stones being ground beneath the soles of shoes and turned to see a man leaping toward me. Antoine shoved the newcomer away, then shouted for me to grab the box and run. Before I could move, a booted foot made contact with my arm. Somehow, I kept hold of the bottle in my grasp, but I was driven down to the wet ground. I tried to recoil and go on the offensive but another blow found my brow.

Red hot pain exploded across my skull.

Then, nothing.

Christie’s Review


What an absolutely fascinating novella M.J. Rose and Steve Berry have created!

Cassiopeia has traveled to the village of Eze to visit her dear family friend, Nicodeme, as she usually does when she isn’t traveling. She wasn’t expecting someone coming in and stealing an ancient artifact, giving chase, and then being pulled into an entirely different time period.

It’s amazing how the writers combine magic, legend, lore, time travel, and a modern day contested French presidential election. You might think all this would be just too much in a book, especially a novella, but not in these two talented writers’ hands. They had me hooked from the very first pages. I was completely intrigued by the references to Morgan Le Fay and Authurian legend.

My favorite part of the book actually was the writer’s note. It gave a background of so many elements of the book and tied the story together quite nicely. It also made me add the French village of Eze to my bucket list of places to travel!

Grab your copy of THE MUSEUM OF MYSTERIES here!

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About Steve Berry:

STEVE BERRY is the New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author of fourteen Cotton Malone novels and four stand-alones. He has 23 million books in print, translated into 40 languages. With his wife, Elizabeth, he is the founder of History Matters, which is dedicated to historical preservation. He serves on the Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board and was a founding member of International Thriller Writers, formerly serving as its co-president.


Website | Facebook


About M. J. Rose

New York Times bestseller, M.J. Rose grew up in New York City mostly in the labyrinthine galleries of the Metropolitan Museum, the dark tunnels and lush gardens of Central Park and reading her mother’s favorite books before she was allowed. She believes mystery and magic are all around us but we are too often too busy to notice… books that exaggerate mystery and magic draw attention to it and remind us to look for it and revel in it.

Please visit her blog, Museum of Mysteries at http://www.mjrose.com/blog/

Rose’s work has appeared in many magazines including Oprah magazine and she has been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Time, USA Today and on the Today Show, and NPR radio. Rose graduated from Syracuse University, spent the ’80s in advertising, has a commercial in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and since 2005 has run the first marketing company for authors – Authorbuzz.com

Rose lives in Connecticut with her husband the musician and composer, Doug Scofield.

Website | Facebook


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Living in the Past by Jane Lovering Book Tour with 5 Star Review



Do you ever wish you could turn back time?

Grace Nicholls has a few reasons for wanting to turn back the clock … although an archaeological dig at a Bronze Age settlement on the Yorkshire moors is not what she had in mind. But encouraged by her best friend Tabitha, that’s exactly where she finds herself.

Professor Duncan McDonald is the site director and his earnest pursuit of digging up the past makes him appear distant and unreachable. But when a woman on the site goes missing, it seems that his own past might be coming back to haunt him once again.

As they dig deeper, Duncan and Grace get more than they bargained for – and come to realise that the past is much closer than either of them ever imagined




What an incredibly unique story! It’s a mystery, romance, and time travel all wrapped up into one to create an AMAZING read!

Grace finds herself at a Bronze settlement dig site in the Yorkshire Moors. She is a history teacher, but this isn’t where she wants to be, but she came at the urging of her best friend, Tabitha. Life dealt grace a hard blow a couple of years ago, and it’s been difficult for her to move on. Tabitha thinks this is just the thing to help her.

Duncan is overseeing the dig. He is grouchy and moody. Grace finds that out in their first meeting, but she isn’t one to back down. He admires that in a way. As the two work together, they will find out that their fates are intertwined with one another. I am not going into too much detail as you need to discovers the gems hidden within the pages of this wonderful book!

Duncan and Grace are two individuals who have become trapped in the past but in very different ways. They are both intelligent and independent spirits, and their journey to love and lasting happiness is one you don’t want to miss! Read this treasure by Jane Lovering today!!!!





AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/2CAIQQS

AMAZON US: http://amzn.to/2ohT307




Jane was born in Devon and now lives in Yorkshire. She has five children, four cats and two dogs of variable sanity. She works in a local supermarket and also teaches creative writing. Jane is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and has a first-class honours degree in creative writing.

Jane writes comedies which are often described as ‘quirky’. Her debut, Please don’t stop the music, won the 2012 Romantic Novel of the Year and the Romantic Comedy Novel of the Year Awards from the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

Jane’s novels include: Please don’t stop the music, Star Struck, Hubble Bubble, Vampire State of Mind, Falling Apart, How I Wonder What You Are, I Don’t Want to Talk About It, Can’t Buy Me Love and Little Teashop of Horrors and Living in the Past.