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~ REVIEW: No Regrets by Roxy Queen ~



No Regrets is a STAND ALONE New Adult novel 

Henry broke Zadie’s heart once, is she fool enough to let it happen again? 

It’s not like she has a history of making good choices. In fact, she has a history of making terrible choices. Her biggest regret? Henry. He’s sexy, sweet and willing to do what it takes to get another chance, but does he deserve it? 

Hot summer days and warm, tension-fueled nights set the backdrop for Zadie and Henry as they navigate the landmines of their past, present and future. 

Danielle's review


This book is about moving on from the past and enjoying the college years.  Zadie and Henry are both college students at the same university.  They went to the same high school and were on the swim team together and even though they flirted with each other during that time, never hooked up.  Zadie feels she was wronged by Henry in high school because he told other people he was going to ask her to prom and then he didn’t, so she had to find another date at the last minute.  During college, Zadie and Henry reconnect during a summer lifeguard job and realize they both still have feelings for each other.  Zadie is hesitant to act on those feelings because she is still feeling bitter about high school.  Henry wants to give a real relationship a try with Zadie.  Can Zadie move on from what happened in high school and have a relationship with Henry?  Will Henry let Zadie down like he did in high school? 

This book is a light, fluffy read.  It includes some typical college behavior; crazy frat parties, drinking and smoking weed and having sex in wild places.  I would recommend this book if you are looking for something light with a sweet HEA after a book hangover.   


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