Mr. Prescott
Carlos Dash
Publication date: August 20th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance

I’m the Mayor of London.

I’ve come to New York purely on business. The usual boring meetings with other politicians.

I don’t expect my time here to be exciting in the slightest.

But who’s that woman I met this morning? No, girl. That would be a more accurate term for her.

She’s only twenty-one years old. A college student. Someone who shouldn’t get mixed up with a guy like me.

But I can’t get her out of my mind. Every single time I close my eyes, I see her face.

How can someone I just met do this to me? That’s the kind of stuff that happens in movies. Not real life.

I know this will be a dangerous risk for me, but I can’t help it. I want her. I need her.

And whatever it may do to my career, I won’t stop until I have her.

Mr. Prescott is a standalone New Adult Romance novel told entirely

from the point of view of the male lead.

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Mr. Prescott is a quick, enjoyable read! Mr. Prescott is the youngest mayor of London, and he has come to NYC on business. He self-confident and definitely enjoys the company of women. Nicole is a college student working in a bookstore when the two meet. She is being belittled by her boss for being late when Mr. Prescott swoops in and defends her. He isn’t sure what has happened, but he knows his world has just turned on its axis with his first look at Nicole. She isn’t the type of woman he is usually attracted to. In fact, she is much younger, a college student. He knows he shouldn’t get involved with her for several reasons…he’s leaving, and she is much younger than he is. As the saying goes, “the heart wants what it wants.” What begins as an innocent dinner turns into much, much more. Mr. Prescott finds himself at risk of losing his heart.

This book stands out in the romance genre as it is an older man being involved with a younger woman. However, he is just 38, and she is 22. It is also told solely from his POV which I liked. You don’t come across a great many books strictly from a male’s POV. Despite the fact that the timeline moves quickly, I did learn a good bit about his character because it is told through him. Readers are limited in their knowledge of Nicole because of that. But, I did see some depth of her character through his perception. I would love to see the story told through her eyes. That would be quite intriguing.

It happens over a very quick span of time, and the two of them fall for each other very quickly. Some readers may not think that is realistic, but it is a work of fiction. It actually reminded me of a fairy tale for adults. Fairy tales are still some of my favorite stories. Who doesn’t like reading about a handsome man sweeping a woman off of her feet? Granted, Mr. Prescott is a far cry from the Prince Charming in a fairy tale, but that’s why I loved him. Nicole is definitely not a damsel in distress. I loved the two of them together. They seemed to bring out different parts of each other’s personalities that others didn’t often see. I definitely recommend reading if you like a quick, sexy romance with a HEA!

Author Bio:

I’m a guy who likes to cut right to the chase, so here we go: I’m a male author of Romance/Erotica novels that are told entirely from the POV of the male protagonist. If you enjoy happy endings and steamy tales about people falling in love quickly, my stories are for you.

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